I’m from out of state. What type of weather can I expect while living in FAMU apartments?

Welcome to the Sunshine State! For the most part, Florida does live up to its nickname. However, there are quite a few other weather and climate patterns that you'll probably want to be aware of if you're relocating to apartments near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

FAMU apartments are actually located in a zone that gets the best of both worlds. Since you are in one of the most northern regions of Florida, this area is a tad bit different than the rest of the state. You will get to experience more distinct seasons than the southern cities, even if these seasons are rather short compared to the rest of the Unites States. One thing is for sure…summers in Tallahassee can be hot, sticky and LONG. This goes without saying, however, if you reside in Florida!

Apartments near FAMU get to experience a beautiful spring season, for the most part. Tallahassee is well known for beautiful azaleas that bloom during the early part of the year. The sun is out on most days and there is barely any rain. This is when it is absolutely perfect to sit out on your patio or balcony and enjoy the beautiful North Florida weather.

After the perfection of the spring season comes the long, arduous days of the summer season. While Tallahassee can be much milder than most areas of South Florida, keep in mind that you are still located in a sub-tropical climate. Some days, the humidity may creep to 99%. However, many FAMU apartments know how hot this season can be, so they offer relaxing swimming pools for you to cool off in. Summers in Tallahassee are also particularly rainy, mainly due to the close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Afternoon showers happen on an almost daily basis, so make sure you are always armed with your umbrella! The summer is also when hurricane season starts. You will want to make sure you are prepared in the case of one making landfall near you. There are so many great resources on preparing a hurricane kit and plan for these types of storms.

When living in apartments near FAMU, the fall season can almost seem non-existent. It is definitely there, but it is typically very short and very mild. It is not uncommon to experience a chilly morning only to turn around and be sweating in 90 degree weather by lunchtime. However, Tallahassee does get beautiful, crisp fall days that are full of sunshine. If your community allows dogs, these are the days that are absolutely perfect for taking Fido to the dog park. Unfortunately, Florida does not get much of a show when it comes to foliage and the leaves changing colors. However, you are far enough north to where you only have to travel a couple of hours to see this spectacle in some parts of Georgia.

Winter in FAMU apartments is also fairly mild, but with Tallahassee being so far north, it is definitely one of the coldest cities in the state. Cold snaps come through and can last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. Snow is not entirely out of the question, which cannot be said for many of your southern neighboring cities. It is important to remember to dress in layers though; you could wake up with 32 degree weather on your way to class and it could warm up to 80 degrees by the time you're eating lunch! 

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