When should a student invest in a faucet filter and other types of water filters in apartments near FAMU?

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The Social Seminole offers its residents student apartments, which makes water quality near FAMU apartments even more important to pay attention to!

Florida is known to have traces of chlorine in the tap water, which is not something everyone wants to be putting into their bodies. If you live near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, purchasing water filters for your FAMU apartment can improve your quality of life and health drastically.

Everyone needs water to stay hydrated, cook food, wash clothes, and wash their bodies. Because of how often we use water, it is essential to protect yourself from chemicals and substances that are found in the water, especially if you live in a cheap apartment with poor water filtration.

Getting water filters in Florida is very easy to do because of the increased demand for chlorine-free water in recent years, so there are many great reasons to start thinking about getting some for yourself, even today!

Look Into Faucet Water Filters for Your FAMU Apartment Kitchen

You use the main kitchen sink probably more than you realize. You wash your dishes, clean off fruit and vegetables, and wash your hands all in the same place and under the same stream of water. There's no avoiding coming in contact with the water in your FAMU apartment kitchen, so you might as well take steps to make sure it's clean for anything you use it for.

Some water filters attach directly to the head of the faucet in your kitchen sink. This is great for people who normally fill up their water bottles and pots to cook with from the sink. Faucet filters are not invasive to the space you have in your sink at all and even have a blinking light indicator for when the filter is no longer good to use in your student apartment. Perfect for anyone who might forget to replace it on their own!

Consider Filtering Water Bottles

Water bottles being sold on the market today come in all different shapes and varieties. They even make water bottles that have a water filter already inside of them, so the filtered water in your bottle can go straight into your body when you drink from it. The convenience of always having clean water nearby is unbeatable and can provide many uses when you are on the go.

Whether you are at school and need fresh drinking water or are in the middle of a grueling workout or at an apartment near FAMU, you can be confident with a filtering water bottle that your water is clean, and fresh, and will hydrate you adequately every time you use it.

Purchase Small Water Filters for Your FAMU Apartment Bathroom

The water that you use on your skin from your bathroom sink and shower might have traces of chlorine in it as well. There are special filters that can attach to your shower head and bathroom faucet that can help give you moisturized, hydrated skin. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment and you give your pets baths and feed them water from the sink, it will be nice to know that they are getting the same clean, purified water you are giving yourself too!

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