I am moving into my first apartment near FAMU, what do I need to know about utilities?

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Fans are a great way to get air circulating in your apartment. This can help to cut costs on your utility bill. Luckily for you apartments at Arive 850 come with ceiling fans!

If you are moving out on your own for the first time, tackling utilities can be something new and a little intimidating. A big concern is being able to budget your money to make sure you have enough for bills, food and other living necessities. There are plenty of tips and tricks to saving money on your FAMU off campus housing community utilities. Just imagine what you could do with all that saved money!

Have Your Bills Bundled

By bundling your bills, you can have one simple and easy monthly payment. The way you can do this is by looking for FAMU apartments that are all-inclusive. Your monthly payment will include rent, electric, water and sometimes the internet. Having one bill, versus multiple throughout the month, can make it easier to budget your money. You might even be saving money by having your bills rolled into one. Some Tallahassee apartment communities have a contract with local utility providers, which makes for a very large account. This relationship could make it so that your overall bills are less each month, thanks to the amount of business your apartment community brings to the utility companies. Always be sure to do your research, in some cases you might be better off paying your bills individually because in some cases it might cost less

See About Including Your Internet

It doesn't get more convenient than having your internet bill included with your FAMU apartment. This day in age using the internet is necessary to do homework, work on research papers or even take online classes. Not only does having the internet included help with all that school work, but it makes life that much easier by having one less bill to pay. Wouldn't you rather surf the internet in your pajamas on your own couch than have to trek to the school's library just so you can use their internet? When it's time to take a break from all that studying and researching, you can use the Wi-Fi in your apartment to surf the internet or check your social media. Being connected to the internet will prevent you from using all the data up on your phone too!

Manage Your Energy Output

Florida is famous for its warm, humid weather and hot summers. Keeping your house cool and comfortable can become a chore and costly, especially in the summertime. Turning your thermostat up during the day when no one is home is a great place to start. This makes it so that your air conditioner isn't working so hard to keep your apartment cool while you are out at school or work. The less work your A/C has to do, the less money you will be spending on your electric bill! Ceiling fans are a great way to get air circulating and flowing in a room. Think about investing in an oscillating fan to help create a cool breeze in those hot summer months. Monitoring your water consumption can also help reduce your bill. Take shorter showers or changing the shower head can help.If you have a washer and dryer in your FAMU apartment, consider washing your clothes in cool or cold water. All of these things in combination can practically cut your energy consumption in half!

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