How do you update outdated TCC apartments while keeping your budget and security deposit in mind?

While searching for apartments near Tallahassee Community College, you may be faced with the decision to go with a new, luxury community or one that has been around for quite some time. Although the fancy, newly constructed apartments are very attractive with their upgraded appliances and architectural features, there are still plenty of great decorating tips and tricks you can utilize for more conventional units.

First thing you will want to remember when updating TCC apartments is to stay away from making any modifications that may hurt your chances of getting your security deposit back. Many communities have rules about what you can and can't do as far as decorating you apartment goes. You will want to check into the rules of the complex and see what is and what isn't allowed. Maybe you are able to paint your boring, white walls any color you choose, but you will have to paint them back once the terms of your lease is over. You may be able to hang all sorts of pictures and shelves on the wall, but will be required to spackle and paint over any nail or screw holes you make along the way. Some communities are much stricter than others. You will want to make sure you check with your office first, before making any modifications, should you have questions.

If the apartments near TCC you choose happen to have a few more rules when it comes to redecorating, there are simpler, non-damage leaving options that you can use to spruce up your humble abode. If you think your kitchen is dull and is lacking character, try swapping out old cabinet and cupboard handles with bright and decorative pulls. This modification is fairly inexpensive and is very easy to do. Just make sure you keep the old cabinet handles to put back on before the term of your lease is up! You can find these at your local hardware store, or better yet, find some with some character at a flea market or antique store. You can also enhance your refrigerator in a non-permanent way by adding colorful and decorative magnets.

TCC apartments that happen to be in older communities tend to have much shorter ceilings than the soaring, high ceilings of the modern communities. Most people do not seem to mind, but the lack of air up there may feel inhibiting to some, especially if you're in a studio or one bedroom. If this is the case and you want for your new pad to feel taller than it really is, a perfectly placed mirror will do wonders. Many people opt for the ones you can hang on the wall. Placed in strategic locations, it can make any smaller space seem huge. You don't even have to put any nail holes in the wall if that is a concern; find a large, floor length mirror and prop it up against a wall. You will be surprised how much more open your space will feel!

Apartments near TCC that allow you to paint your walls any color can be very helpful in updating an outdated unit. Remember that darker colors tend to make spaces look smaller, so if you're trying to open up a room, stay away from those. Maybe you don't feel like committing to painting your entire unit. If that is the case, find an accent wall and paint it a bright, focal color. This is a very modern trend and will help your older apartment feel newer in no time.

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