I noticed a lot of the housing near FSU are student apartments, is that all there is?

With the attraction of Florida State University, TCC and FAMU in the city, continuous expansion of the student population has continued to rise. Tallahassee is a forever-expanding city. Although many parts of the Southwest district of Florida's capital is designed for student living, there are a several different types of FSU apartments available.

Assuming you want to stay near the state University, Southwest Tally is the closest neighborhood. This area is mostly predominated by student housing properties. However, these college living quarters are far from the typical dormitories one commonly imagines. These floor plans are much larger, spacious and allow one to enjoy some sense of privacy. Most units have washer and dryers, separate rooms equipped with their own bathrooms and walk in closets. Most common areas such as the living room and patios are shared, which seems to be the only traditional aspect of student living areas that these properties have maintained.

If you are still looking for FSU apartments that are not deemed student units, there are several other options to consider when living in Leon County. Depending on what type of ambiance you prefer, there are a few neighborhoods just within minutes of FSU apartments that may be more accommodating.

Thomasville seems to be one of the most popular communities for graduates, families and business professionals. This neighborhood, surrounded by shaded trees and park space, offers luxury rentals, townhomes and cozy bungalows. It's a well-blended area that is great for all price ranges.

Some prefer more entertainment than Northwest Tally or Thomasville has to offer. These residents seem to be attracted to Midtown. Midtown is near a five-minute drive campus. These apartments near FSU offer student-type homes, luxury lofts, modern designs and urban vibes. Boutiques, bars and coffee shops surround the community inflicting a college-like feel within an inviting suburb.

Downtown Tallahassee is less popularized by students when it comes to living in the area. However, this district offers modern living within its historic and metropolitan borders. Downtown is much more expensive than the properties near the college district. However, these buildings are designed with granite counter tops, private parking and sleek designs.

The majority of living selections near Florida State University are designed for student living. However, there are several areas just outside of the student district that offer a variety of units. Downtown, Midtown and Thomasville are suitable for nearly all individual and offer a range affordable, spacious luxury apartments that may allow a resident to enjoy more privacy.


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