I'm transferring from FSU to the University of Georgia. What do I need to do to become a Dawg?

We hope you enjoyed your time in Tally, but if your true calling is Georgia, then here's how you can become a Dawg.

The UGA Transfer Process

Before this dream becomes reality, you have to check if your time at FSU meets the transfer eligibility requirements for UGA. If you want to attend the main campus in Athens, you'll have to have one full year on college completed, have been out of high school for one full year, have kept a 3.3 GPA, and completed 30-59 hours. If you have aspirations to go to Terry College or another popular college at the university, be sure to check for additional transfer requirements. To be successful when transferring, you have to befsu to uga transfer good with your time and be diligent with your deadlines, UGA won't make exceptions for late apps. You'll need to budget for a $70 application fee, fill out an application for transfer admission and have your official FSU transcripts ready. Find out all the details at the Office of Transfer Services website. A great way to have more of your questions answered is to watch the Transfer Student Presentation. After you've gotten an official offer letter for admission to UGA, you now can focus on starting your new life in Athens, GA.

Find an Athens Apartment

It is recommended that transfer students find an apartment near the University of Georgia. There are many people in your same situation, but still transferring can be challenging. If you're interested in assimilating to the social culture of UGA, then living close to campus will surround you with fellow Dawgs and give you a head start. Get the full UGA experience when you live in the Downtown area. Explore all the delicious local dining, exciting entertainment, and lively nightlife. This is a great place to be on game day! Five Points is also popular among students. If you're in Greek Life, then this is super convenient as you're right next to UGA's Sorority Row and at the intersection of prominent roads, Milledge Avenue and Lumpkin Street with plenty to do nearby. It's a great idea to pick an apartment with roommates as a transfer student. Take advantage of Athens apartments with roommate matching and you may end up finding a few friends this way.

Get Involved at UGA

Once you're settled in a great Athens apartment, now it's time to truly become a Dawg. A quick way to meet tons of people is to look into a fraternity or sorority, especially if you were in one at FSU. Since you're new to the school you'll have to really make an effort to socialize and meet people. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation. And of course, get involved in the clubs, student government, and everything else offered at UGA. Need more help? Check out these tips on how to make friends at UGA.

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