What should I know before signing my lease?

Before moving into Tallahassee apartments, there are several things you should take into consideration before signing a lease. Signing a contract, or a living agreement in general is just a mutual agreement to the outlines and foundations both parties must adhere to when renting out the unit. Although signing a lease agreement may seem intimidating there are three easy steps to consider prior to validating your lease with a signature.

1. Research

In order to ease your mind when submitting yourself to a year-long living arrangement, do your research! Many Tallahassee apartments are competitive with one another. This competition exists in rent pricing, accommodations, amenities and floor plans. Know exactly what you are looking for and what you are willing to spend. It also helps if you know what similar communities are offering. Compare and contrast, make a list of pro and cons. This does seem like a lot of work, however, many properties create their pricing and layouts based off of one another. It is easy to expect apartments in Tallahassee to be similar to each other, especially when they are located in the same district. The best way to do this is find what the average prices are for Tallahassee apartments in your region. Use this as your measuring tool. Knowing that you are getting a great deal will definitely help suppress your nerves prior to committing to a contract.

2. Inspect Your EXACT Future Unit Prior to Signing

When you first walk into an apartment community, you are usually given a tour of the premises. This tour, includes a walk-through of a model unit, the only with the most similar layout to yours. Know, however, that this model is NOT your unit. Ask if you can view a available floor-plan or the one that would be your exact future home. Often times, renters first complain that their homes were not anything like the model, complaining about the smell, the walls, old carpet or that it was not as clean as they hoped. Be prepared and understand what it is exactly that you are moving into. It may even be helpful to do a drive through of the community prior to moving in. This will help give you an understanding of the types of people who live there, how the parking is and the overall ambiance of the community.

3. Know the Maintenance Process

The most complaints received by management staffs are normally about the maintenance turn around time. When living in one place for an entire year, you can usually expect something to go array. From broken freezers, to washer and dryer repairs, leaks, air conditioning damage and light replacements, definitely expect to have a visit by the property's repair staff at least one time during your stay. Ask what the process is for easy fixes. Are there twenty-four call times for severe emergencies? Does your community use a ticketing system? What is the average turn around time for a fix? These are some of things you may want answered prior to moving in.

Prior to moving into Tallahassee apartments, it is always best to understand the living conditions prior to moving in. By researching, inspecting your room and learning about the repair updates, you should have a clearer picture as to what are you signing to.

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