How can I keep my Tallahassee apartment electricity bill low during the summer?

Every year after residents receive their first electricity bill, leasing offices and question boards receive an influx of questions, "Why was my electricity bill so high?" or "What is the average monthly utility bill in a Tallahassee apartment?" If you received your first bill and are surprised by the amount, the best first step is to identify if this bill includes an activation or setup fee. We suggest contacting the utility company for an itemized bill to identify if a setup or activation fee was charged before contacting the apartment community. The utility company will be better equipped to answer your questions and explain any charges. It is very common to be charged a setup or activation fee on your first bill. Stay calm, your next bill should be much lower – especially if you follow these tips for energy efficiency!

Sunny days in Florida are great for catching some waves at the beach, tanning by the pool, and kayaking at Madison Blue Springs. And while the sunshine state's balmy temperatures are part of its charm, the high electric bill that comes along with it isn't. Luckily there are several ways you can lower your Tallahassee rentals electric bill, so you can enjoy the summer without fear of hefty utility charges!

10 Tips for Lowering Your Tallahassee Apartment Electricity Bill

  1. Energy Efficient Appliances: Save energy and cut down on costs with energy efficient appliances. Several Tallahassee apartments have gone ‘green' with Energy Star appliances and low energy lighting.
  2. Block Excessive Sunlight: Invest in blackout curtains to block the heat of the sun. Not only will this improve the coolness of your apartment, but it will give your air conditioner a much-needed rest – reducing your electricity bill! These curtains also reduce light, which can provide a better night's sleep! These curtains are reasonably priced and well-worth the investment.
  3. Gone for the Day, Turn Up the AC: When you leave the house for an extended period of time – whether to school, work or your parent's house for the weekend – be sure to turn your air conditioner up to 78 degrees. This will ensure your AC isn't running all the time when no one's home. If you know your schedule, you can even program your air conditioner to automatically increase in temperature when you're gone and decrease before you come home.
  4. Maintain the Air Filters: Air filters are out of sight and therefore typically out of mind. Add a reminder on your calendar to check the air filters at least every two months – sooner if you have a pet. Changing the filter not only allows the air to flow more freely, but it also keeps allergens away and lowers dust levels. Pro-tip: Your leasing office likely has free filters available for pickup! Stop by the office to pick up a filter or schedule a maintenance request to have the filter replaced.
  5. Turn Off the Lights: One of the easiest ways to save money on your electric bill is to turn off the lights when you're not using them. When you leave a room be sure to shut the lights off as you walk out.
  6. Check Windows and Doors: The last thing you want in the middle of summer is for all of your cold, refreshing air to escape through the cracks around your windows and doors. Your apartment won't cool down as well and it'll cost you extra, because you'll be heating the outdoors. Check all windows and doors to ensure they're sealing well and let the leasing office know about any that aren't.
  7. More is Less: When it comes to washing laundry with your in-unit washer and dryer, more is always less. Hold on to all of your dirty clothes from the week and run one large load as opposed to three smaller loads. You'll save on electricity, water and detergent!
  8. Low Energy Lighting: If your apartment doesn't come equipped with low energy lighting, consider investing in your own energy efficient bulbs. You can unscrew the bulbs before you move and take them with you when you leave. Just be sure to hang on the original bulbs, so you can return them to their rightful place when you move.
  9. Smart Power Strips: Regular power strips continuously draw electricity, even if you're not using the appliances that it's powering. You could turn it off when you're not using it, but that can be difficult to remember and quite tedious. With a smart power strip electricity is automatically turned off to the things you're not using – saving energy and money.
  10. Nature's Resources: Take advantage of what nature's given you! If it's a bright but cloudy day out, pull the curtains back, turn off the lights and let natural light fill the space. Similarly, if it's a cool or breezy day, crack a window and enjoy some fresh air. Not only will the breeze feel amazing, but it'll cut down on your monthly bill.
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