I am new to the TCC area. What are some of the things I should know about the area?

Deciding where you would prefer to live when moving to an entirely new city is certainly challenging when searching for your new pad. It is quite difficult to determine where the best area may be for your to plant your roots without having a an understanding of the city. However, we are here to help!

The city of Tallahassee is wildly known for its centered focus on its collegiate population. The town is home to three major schools; Tallahassee Community College, FAMU and Florida State University. The combined student population of the three prominent colleges in Tallahassee is well over 65,000. Its safe to say, if you are moving to this area to enjoy one of Tallahassee’s tantalizing college’s, you will fall head over heals with this college town lifestyle.

Your first question you may have is “what is there to do near TCC?” There is plenty to do near campus! The town of Tallahassee is a smaller city than you may be used to. However, that doesn’t limit your entertainment options. The town is engulfed in social stomping grounds and haute history.

Being centered in the state’s capitol allows you to take a short drive from TCC apartments to see the classic architecture of the Capitol building. Here, you are able to take tours of the building while learning about your State’s history. Just down the paved brick pathways is the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science. This museum provides hands on learning activities that enable you to better understand the science behind the Universe and the ecological systems, Throughout the holiday season, the Tallahassee ballet tends to be a popular spot. This theatre will showcase your favorite performances such as the Nut Cracker.

Are you a shopaholic? You will definitely get your fix in this town! Just near TCC is the Governor’s Square Mall. This mall includes all of your favorite stores from high end to budget friendly! You can pick up your favorite Coach bag while stopping by Champs Sports to grab a great pair of running shoes.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? This town has plenty of wide-open spaces just for you! The Tallahassee area is known for several of its State Parks where you can enjoy the fresh air while enjoying the warm Lake water. Lake Talquin is a popular park for Tallahassee Community College students. Here, you can enjoy kayaking, swimming, canoeing, picnicking and biking. Lake Ella is another intricate area of the city. This park is a heavy hitter for those interested in fitness and recreation. More popular for the Tallahassee natives, this park attracts all walks of life. Lake Ella is perfect for those who are looking for a great place to walk their dog or for those who enjoy local boutiques.

In your pipeline pursuit to find the best area to live in, I’m sure you have been wondering whether the TCC community is known to be located in a centralized party area. Yes, with the 65,000 students in the city, Tallahassee’s alliance of students is not known to be silent when it comes to after hours. You can undoubtedly expect to encounter lively classmates eagerly waiting to hangout at the hottest hangouts.

Midtown Tallahassee has become an entertainment attraction for many TCC students. Midtown is filled with handfuls of bars and restaurants within walking distance from one another. This area is catered to each type of student. The filling station is a popular bar and is great for those who enjoy craft beer, corn hole, great music and a laid back atmosphere.

Downtown is another popular hangout. Downtown is a more upscale and trendy district in comparison to the others. This area may be more modernized and expensive. You can expect to see young business professionals and out of towner’s in this district.

Just near campus, rests your legendary college bars such as AJ’s Sports Bar and Potbelly’s. These areas attract much of the town’s Greek life and you can never expect a dull moment. If you are looking to remain in the eye of the party, you may want to consider looking for TCC apartments on or just outside of campus.

TCC has nearly 15,000 students enrolled in the college. You may think that living near or on campus may isolate you from the other Universities in the area. However, the TCC area is mostly common ground for students attending Florida State University. Both school are so close in proximity, it only makes sense to share the living areas. If you are looking to stay in the middle of both schools, you may want to consider looking in areas on Osceola or Monroe Streets.

When moving to the TCC area, you can expect to experience a college-styled living. With entertainment, parks and shopping within minutes of campus, it is hard to find an area near your new school that you dislike. No matter where it is that you decide to live, the TCC area will surely have the perfect location for you.

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