Are there things to do near Tallahassee apartments?

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Choose a centrally located apartment and you'll never be far from entertainment options.

Are you looking for things to do near Tallahassee apartments? There are plenty of things to do in the city of Tallahassee.

Strategically located in the midst of thriving neighborhoods, the historic capital building is surrounded with a variety of entertainment stemming from natural wildlife to historic trademarks and restaurants. Depending on your preference for activity, there is likely some fun to be had near your Tallahassee apartments.

If you are appreciative of Tallahassee's outdoor landscape, Lake Ella is a great spot for you to check out. Located off of North Monroe Street, this historic park has been a part of the Leon County community for well over a century. Atlhough this park has gathered attention of locals since the 19th century, Lake Ella has become more urbanized over the last few years bringing yoga classes, roller bladers and runners to the area. Tallahassee apartments near lake Ella get to take advantage of its shops along the water and nearby restaurants as well.

St Marks Historic Railroad State Trail compliments Lake Ella's attributes. With 16 miles of smooth pavement, this trail has been deemed the ultimate treat for cyclist and runners. There are many shaded areas throughout the pavement, showcasing the city's native live oaks. There are even areas set apart for advanced runs and trails that allow joggers to escape into the woods.

The Knott Museum and Historic Capital are great destinations to walk through if you are a history lover. The Knott House Museum was occupied during the Civil War by Confederates. Built in 1843, the white columned house has attracted folk from around the Nation. Additionally, the Capitol is amazing place to visit. Downtown is lined in beaten brick pavement and surrounded by the charming 1900 buildings. As most know, this building houses the Florida government. You can actually witness Congress making new laws.

If you are just here to explore Tallahassee's night life, there is plenty for you to do near the Southwest district of the city. Tallahassee apartments in this area are surrounded with college students, bars, restaurants and clubs. FSU, FAMU, and TCC all reside in this area making it for one lively neighborhood. Local spots such as PotBelly's and AJ's are usually part of the weekend affairs in this location.

Like most town, Tally does have its shopping mall, movie theaters and local pubs. These plazas are just in the center of town, making them easily accessible form nearly all apartments near Tallahassee.

There are plenty of things to do near Tallahassee apartments. From outdoor exercise to weekend affairs, this small town has unlimited activities to offer its residents.


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