What is there to do around Campus?

Tallahassee residents enjoying some outdoor entertainmentThe city of Tallahassee is the pure embodiment of college life. The small town of the Capitol City is specifically known for its large student population. With that being said, you can confidentially expect that the city is catered and designed to enhance the value of their student’s college careers.

While looking for FAMU apartments, you can forget about worrying whether there will be entertainment near your new home. Living in Tallahassee means you will always have entertainment within minutes away from your living area if not walking distance.

Getting involved in your University community is the first step towards finding student friendly activities. In addition to meeting new friends, being a Student at FAMU gives you access to student clubs such as intermural sports, academic groups, and social hangouts. Football games are a huge popular pastime amongst students in Tallahassee. In fact, if you are looking for apartments near FAMU that reside next to Doak Campbell Stadium, you can try looking for living communities near Osceola Street or Monroe. Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University is located right in the heart of Tallahassee, leaving their students only miles away from the Florida State Campus. Residing near FAMU allows you the opportunity not only to form friendships with your classmates but also helps you to bond with other collegiate students in the area.

Tallahassee is known for their powerful collegiate pride. However, the city is also known for its beautiful historic landmarks. Downtown Tallahassee and Midtown are some of the more recent hot spots to check out. The city of Tallahassee is smaller in comparison to other college communities, allowing you to travel to different parts of town within minutes! When visiting Downtown Tallahassee, you can expect to escape to a more modern mood. Most bars are structured with urbanized architecture and the area is filled with young business professionals and graduate students. The State Capitol is also located downtown. Here, you can take advantage of tours, or check out the local diners and boutiques.

Midtown is filled with diverse bars within walking distance of one another. This is favorite place for students to unwind on the weekends. With a handful of different locations to choose from, it’s safe to say that you will never get bored in this area. Midtown has become a hot spot for post game parties as well as weekend long tailgates, replacing the older strip of college pubs.

If you are in to the outdoors, FAMU students are in luck! Just near your apartment are several Tallahassee parks. Lake Jackson is the closet lake park to campus. Just off of Interstate 10, students can easily access this park. Lake Talquin State Park is a more popular area where students tend to spend their days off. Here, you can take up swimming, kayaking or canoeing. Although the beaches are a few hours away, many students frequent to the Pan Handle for Spring break fun or weekend affairs where you have access to some of the Nation’s most beautiful beaches. If you are into sports, many apartments near FAMU contain basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools where you can enjoy some competitive games with your neighbors and friends. 

Shopping is another easily accessible entertainment. The Governors Square Mall is located just minutes from campus. Here, you can expect to find your favorite stores such as Coach, Champs, and Forever21. There is also an AMC theatre where you can catch your favorite movies.

If you are a family enrolling to FAMU, the city also has plenty of entertainment to provide for your children. Going to college with a child can definitely be a challenge when looking to keep your child entertained. However, FAMU provides a child development center right on the University Campus. The development center will help aid your child in intellectual growth while you attend class during the day. If you are looking for a day out with your mini-me, try stopping by the Mary Brogan Museum. This museum, only a short drive from campus, practices hands on learn activities with your children. Here, they can grasp an understanding of the Universe, ecosystem, and history. The museum allows includes an IMAX theatre. If you prefer to spend your day outdoors, Tom Brown Park offers picnic areas and sheltered tables where you can enjoy a nice lunch and a bike ride on the paved sidewalks.

No matter where you decide to live near FAMU, you will undoubtedly have entertainment next door. Whether you decide to live out your college life meeting new life long friends at nearby social hang outs, decide to spend your spare time becoming involved in University clubs or outdoor events, Tallahassee has got you covered.

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