What is there to do near the campus?

There is plenty to do near TCC! Tallahassee is a smaller city in comparison to its other Florida rival cities. However, this town is packed with history and entertainment. Being the state’s capitol means you can take a short drive to downtown and visit the classic architecture of the capitol building. Take a trip down the city’s paved pathways and visit the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science or take a seat at the Tallahassee ballet and watch a holiday performance. If you’re an outdoors person, Tallahassee is the perfect place to go! This town is filled with handfuls of parks where you can go to relax, read, run or play with your favorite furry pal! For those of you who love to shop, there is a mall right off of Interstate 10. This means a day of shopping is just minutes away from campus! As for winning and dinning, your TCC apartment is neighbors to numerous chain restaurants and bars such as AJ’s sports bar and Yianni’s café.

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