When they say utilities are included in TCC apartments, what does that mean?

Apartments near Tallahassee Community College that offer all or some of the utilities in the monthly rent are typically called all-inclusive apartments. What this means is that your property manager will include your cost of utilities in your monthly rent payment each month.  This can include electricity, water, pest control, cable, high speed Internet and more. While many student-centric communities take part in this type of offering, due to the number of students who are just starting out on their own for the first time, all-inclusive units can be found in almost any type of community.  It is most popular in the by-the-bed communities though.

How does it work?

TCC apartments that offer included utilities are a very popular choice for budget-minded individuals. Your apartment community sets up an account and gains a relationship with your local utility company or companies. The community will charge you a fixed fee, but it will be lumped into your rent payment. You won't even know that you're being charged for utilities, because your monthly rent will stay exactly the same each month for the duration of your lease.

Apartments near TCC that offer utilities included is a great option for someone who may be moving out for the first time on their own. It definitely helps with remembering to make your payments on time. It's not hard to forget to pay one rent payment, rather than several little separate utility payments. This makes it very easy to budget and stay on top of your finances and bills.

TCC apartments that offer included utilities will make it extra easy on moving day. Typically, when you move into a traditional apartment and sign a lease, you have to make sure you contact the electric company to turn the lights on before move-in day. Most communities won't even allow you to move in unless they get confirmation from the electric company that you've made a deposit and opened up an account with them. Water companies are the same. Having all of these necessities lumped into one easy payment without even having to set anything up with an external company will take some of the headache and hassle out of moving day.

If apartments near TCC with utilities included are exactly what you're looking for, be sure to ask the right questions when searching for your perfect new home. Having this feature is very helpful in roommate situations, especially if you are randomly roommate matched and do not know the person very well. With utilities included, one of you does not have to open up a utility account in your own name. In a traditional setting, if your roommate just up and leaves one day, you would be stuck paying the full utility bill, since your name is on the account. Having everything included in the rent payment makes it much easier to navigate your own bank account and see what's coming in the month ahead. 

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