What’s the TCC surrounding area like?

Are you looking to fine TCC apartments? Attending college is yet another milestone in your pursuit of happiness. However, prior to moving to the area, you may be left wondering what its like to live in the Capitol city.

TCC has just over 15,000 students enrolled in the community college. You may consider this a large number for being centered in just a small part of town, however, Tallahassee is notoriously known for its massive student population. Located just next door to TCC apartments is Florida State University and FAMU. As a result, you can easily assume that this part of Tallahassee to be deemed a “party zone.”

Many TCC apartments come in a variety of types in order to accommodate to nearly every resident. Just near campus are student-housing apartments. These types of dwellings range from dorm like quarters, to shared units, and even roommate selection services. Roommate selection services allow each community to select, generally, three other roommates that are most similar to you. However, there are options for you to live with less than three roommates.

Just off of campus are more spacious living arrangements. These communities often offer more amenities such as pet-friendly units, parking garages, twenty-four fitness centers and more. Keep in mind that this Southwest district of Tallahassee is accustomed to hosting Barbeques events, socials, and pool parties, making it easier to meet to classmates and friends.

Surrounding the campus area is dozens of bars, restaurants and a shopping mall. Some of the student favorite hangout areas are Pot Belly's and AJ's Sports Bar. These two bars are just around the campus from TCC apartments, attracting many fraternities, sororities and FSU, TCC and FAMU students.

Many Tallahassee Community College students also take advantage of the state of Florida's amazing year round weather. Just near the campus are several Park areas including Lake Ella and Lake Talquin. These two state parks allow individuals to jog, hike, bike and kayak throughout the recreational site. Some even enjoy yoga classes in the morning or bringing out their dogs for a quick walk around the water.

When moving to the student area of Leon County definitely expect a full range of entertainment within walking distance of TCC apartments. Most living communities are student-friendly, offer affordable rent prices, lots of amenities and even social gatherings. The mall, bars and restaurants are only a few minutes away and there are several different state parks to take advantage of when looking to spend the day outdoors.

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