If I don’t get good at skating now, I never will. Where can I ride my skateboard near my TCC apartment?

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Just starting out? Hone your skills in the parking lot!

As a once-mediocre skateboarder, I understand your desire to shred the gnar on the streets of Tallahassee. I also understand wanting to switch things up and look for new spots to roll over. Whether you live in College Town, closer to Doak Campbell Stadium, or on High Road, you will find that just minutes away lie some pretty sick opportunities to try out some ollies and kickflips.

Friend or Foe

If this is your first time riding a skateboard, I suggest having somebody you know nearby in case you hurt yourself; although one of the most fun things you can do, skating can be pretty risky business. Wearing a helmet is an absolute must, especially when you're first starting out. Even the pros have to wear them sometimes!

You may find keeping your balance as you roll is easier if you have experience snowboarding or surfing. If you are a little more confident in your abilities, feel free to take your skateboard out in your parking lot or on a sidewalk. These are common skating spots because of their flat and smooth texture. Taking your board out on the street is not bad, but will present more of a challenge in terms of speed.

You will probably find that you're one of many skateboarders who ride Tallahassee's sidewalks every day; watch how they glide and maneuver to avoid running into people and, most importantly, stop the board when they reach a traffic light.

Day or Night

Maybe you have a little experience skating and seek more of a challenge. A short drive from your TCC apartment, where Jackson Bluff meets Appleyard, is the city of Tallahassee's Mike Blankenship Skate Park. With 26,000 square feet of gnar that's begging to be shredded, you can find all the equipment you could ask for. This park offers a nine-foot deep pool, a bunch of rails, one half pipe, and tons of opportunity. The skate park is open twenty-four seven, inviting you to roll on through whenever you want. Mike Blankenship Skate Park is the result of collaboration from city government officials, the local Skaters' Union, and a bunch of local skateboarders. The number one rule? As always, you must wear a helmet!

Whether you are stepping onto a skateboard for the first time, find your old deck in the closet and want to make 12 year-old you smile, or are pretty comfortable riding and want to improve your ability, you can see that there are exciting opportunities in our state capital that match your skill set. Skating on the sidewalk might sound boring in a city with a lot of ups and downs, but you will quickly learn your way around town better than anybody and will have no problem avoiding the hills and valleys. Your time at the skate park, if you try out the half-pipe or pool, can help you handle those roads as well. You might even make friends all over the city that can teach you a trick or two!

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