What are some tips for making my TCC apartment feel homier?

If your TCC apartment doesn't feel like home to you then you have a problem that certainly needs solving! Living in a place that doesn't really feel like home can lead to feelings of restlessness, unhappiness, and overall angst. When you've had a long, stressful day your TCC apartment should be the first place you want to go. Your TCC apartment should be the place you want to wake up every morning and fall asleep at every night. If this isn't the case, don't stress. There are a few simple steps you can take that will greatly assist you in making your TCC apartment feel homier.

Surround yourself with things that you love. I mean that in every aspect; colors, artwork, blankets, throw pillows, pictures, furniture, and more. If you're surrounded by things that you love then you're off to a good start in making your TCC apartment feel homier.

Start off with your walls, consider them a blank canvas. If your landlord allows you to paint your walls, do so in your favorite colors. Or if you have an artsy side, paint things that you love on your walls. If painting isn't an option consider removable wall paper. The internet is chock-full of different wall papers you can buy and decorate your TCC apartment with. You may also consider investing in some wall decals. Wall decals offer a whole new world of decoration for you walls. With everything from quotes, shapes, flowers, sport balls, and song lyrics you're bound to find a wall decal that will fit in perfectly in your TCC apartment.

Something many people don't take into consideration when decorating their apartment's is lighting. Lighting can be everything when it comes to making your TCC apartment feel like a home. Many apartments come standard with harsh fluorescent lighting that really doesn't flatter anyone. Consider replacing those harsh fluorescent bulbs with something softer, and warmer. You may want to also consider purchasing some accent lighting, or floor lamps. You'll be amazed how much homier your TCC apartment can feel with just a few lighting changes.

Making your TCC apartment homier can become drastically easier with a few simple additions to your already decorated apartment. Go out and find a few throw pillows that you love, or get crafty and make them yourself. Anything DIY can greatly contribute to a homier feeling in your apartment. DIY canvas art, throw pillows, throw rugs, and more can make your TCC apartment feel like the perfect place to call home. Anything you made yourself adds a special touch to your apartment.

Making your TCC apartment feel homier doesn't have to be a huge struggle, and it doesn't have to cost lots of money either. Once you follow these few easy steps you'll find yourself calling your apartment home in no time.

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