Is TCC near the airport?

TCC apartments are mainly located in the student district of the city, known as Southwest Tallahassee. Subsequently, Tallahassee Regional Airport is also located in the Southwest District of Leon County.

In general, the city of Tallahassee is very small in comparison to the typical city. That being said, traveling in and out of town is relatively easy. Most districts are very close to one another. Therefore, if you live just on the outskirts of a district, in reality, it wont make too much of a difference in terms of travel time.

Tallahassee Regional Airport is just minutes from apartments near TCC. This is especially helpful for those who have family members that intend to fly in the Capital city throughout the school year. If you are searching for TCC apartments near the airport, a great place to start your search is in the Southwest district. More known as the student district, this part of town is home to FSU, FAMU and TCC. Although many students dominate the region, you will find newly graduates and families as well.  However, many may argue that this student neighborhood is more catered to those attending the local colleges. Meaning, the majority of communities are designed to be apartment-style college housing units and rent prices compliment a student budget. In addition, most things are within walking distance from this part of town, such as the schools, restaurants, bars, and some shopping.

Alternatively, if you are hoping to live outside of the college area of the city, downtown Tally is also close to the local airport.  Located just outside of the campus life, downtown invokes a completely different vibe. TCC apartments near downtown tend to be more high-end and modern. However, these types of units can come at a cost.  Most properties located in downtown come with luxurious upgrades and resort style amenities. Similar to Southwest, many things are within walking distance, allowing residents to save some backend money by not having to travel to and from work.

Northwest Tally is still close to the airport. This part of town, however, encompasses a mix of both Southwest and Downtown. Charmed with a more small-town and inviting appeal, many families fall trap to Northwest Tallahassee's serene atmosphere. Sporting a rural landscape, this part of town is much more quiet and laid back. Neighborhoods located in this area are surrounded parks and lakes such as Lake Talquin. These recreational spots are perfect for those who enjoy hiking, biking, jogging or venturing outdoors for a picnic. Homes in Northwest Tally are quite affordable and range from townhomes to condos and single-family properties.

If you are searching for apartments near TCC that are in close proximity to the local airport, the most convenience place to live may be in the Southwest District. However, there are other options that are still within a short drive from Tallahassee Regional such as downtown and the Northwest district.

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