How do I create the best lighting in my TCC apartment?

Most Tallahassee Community College apartments—especially furnished apartments—come with all your basic lighting needs, which typically means lights and/or ceiling fans in most rooms. However, a few additions to the basic setup can make a huge difference when creating the best lighting inside your unit. Whether you enjoy well-lit rooms with several fixtures or want to create a specific mood with lower lighting, strategic placement of lights in your new apartment can help you customize your space. In addition, you can search for specific units, like apartments with bay windows or patios, that will add more options for natural light as well.

What can I expect from the lighting setup in TCC apartments?

When you move into your new place, you will likely find newly replaced lightbulbs and some kind of lighting fixture in each room, including smaller areas like laundry rooms, closets and storage closets. Most apartments will not come with lamps or extra lighting unless it is a furnished apartment. At some communities, maintenance will be responsible for replacing the lightbulbs, while other communities will leave this task to the resident. You can easily modify the lighting by replacing the lightbulbs with your preferred lighting intensity. For a bigger selection of lightbulbs, head to Home Depot or Lowes to find the perfect fit. Just make sure to check the bulb wattage requirements - a bulb with too high of a wattage can create a fire hazard.

How do I create extra lighting in certain rooms?

Once you get a good idea of the current setup, you can decide what additional fixtures you want to add to your unit. If you enjoy reading a books in bed and don't want to deal with clip-on book lights, you may want to invest in a lamp that provides enough light without hurting your eyes. Residents with longer routines in the morning, like makeup application or skincare, may want to add additional lighting in the bathroom to extra clarity and precision. Similarly, nightlights in the bathroom can keep you from stubbing a toe or tripping over something in the middle of the night!

Residents with hobbies like knitting, sewing and any other projects that require extra light can invest a special craft lamp, like these available from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. They can be rotated and modified to provide wide areas of illumination or magnify certain spots while you work.

Are there any other tips for lighting in TCC apartments?

Over time, you may find yourself replacing bulbs too often for your liking. If this is the case, you can buy special energy efficient bulbs that may cost a little bit more but last longer and provide brighter light. Another simple tip for adding extra light in your rooms is placing mirrors in strategic spots, like near or across from a window, patio or lamp, to boost the lighting effect. If you'd rather not install mounted lamps, you can always purchase several battery operated stick-on lights, which are great for any place where you'd like a little bit more light. This can include cupboards, pantries, storage closets or hallways that often need that extra boost in visibility.

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