Are there TCC apartments for rent in downtown?

Have you been searching for TCC apartments for rent? When attending Tallahassee Community College, many students are afforded the opportunity to decide where they would like to live within the city. With over dozens of TCC apartments throughout Tally, you can essentially live anywhere while still having easy access to the campus.

Enriched in historical attributes and buzzing with a distinct urban beautification, many students find downtown more suitable for business professionals and graduates. The downtown vibe of the Capital city is more of a fast-paced district in comparison to the surrounding towns. Despite herculean efforts to push the Southern charmed town into a metropolitan region, the historic community remains most noted for its quaint charm and business atmosphere. Downtown is only a few minutes drive from the Community College, however, many collegiates attending the school prefer living closer to the academic institution. Although there are plenty of TCC apartments for rent in this district, the prices are more expensive than those just next to campus.


There are perks to settling down in the high-rise building precinct. Most units here are considered luxury apartments, most coming with granite counter tops and modern designs. Some properties overlook the city, offering balcony views and roof top pools.  Additionally, if you are looking for a chance to intern at a local government entity or learn how to run a hospitality business, this location has plenty of advantages. The community has loads of restaurants, bars and governmental employment opportunities. Moreover, for those who work near the Capital there is more public transportation offered here. Many residents also choose to walk to and from work, since many buildings are located near one another.


If you prefer to be separated from the college lifestyle of the Southwestern part of town, living downtown can help make you feel as though you are hours away. Most neighbors will be older and more obsolete. The surrounding environment, although faster paced, is quieter and can sometimes even feel more remote.


When searching for a new home in the business suburb, you may not find units deemed “TCC apartments.” That being said, there are plenty of properties available for lease. The biggest obstacle you may encounter is finding a dwelling that will match the prices of student housing located closer to the school. These floorplans may also be less accommodating for students, as they are not designed to enhance your educational surroundings. Units here, however, may have more more amenities that will help you enjoy your new place. These amenities can range from personal parking spots, to twenty-four hour fitness centers, a private garage, business centers and more.  


There are tons of areas to consider when moving to the city to attend one of the three colleges. If you are considering living in the metropolitan area of Tally, know that rent may be more expensive and could be less accommodating for the student budget. It is, however, a great place to live especially if you are trying to land an internship or work while attending classes. 

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