Is Tallahassee just a college town?

Undoubtedly, you may know of Tallahassee through its world-famous collegiate tales. With large State schools such as Florida State University and FAMU, it is sometimes difficult to look past the city’s scholarly mechanics. However, many native Tallahassee residents have arguably found comfort in Tallahassee apartments outside of the town’s collegiate intellect.

As of 2011, Tallahassee has become a home to nearly 183,000 people. 20% of Tallahassee’s total population is students enrolled in either FSU or FAMU. Although this percentage does seem quite small, there are many designated student areas in the city, which can almost seemingly encompass the entire city. If you are looking to get a taste of a college life, looking for Tallahassee apartments near Monroe, or Osceola will certainly allow you to get a feel of Tallahassee’s college town.

Just on the outskirts of campus, you will find plenty of college-catered bars, restaurants and entertainment. However, drive further from this area, and the student-focused centers will be come less and less dense.

Aside from student attractions, Tallahassee has become a target area for many business professionals and owners seeking governmental or hospitality employment. Being the capitol of Florida, Tallahassee is a nerve center for political affairs and state workers. Such opportunities are great for candidates seeking to study the law, political science, and education. In additional to government careers, finance, banking and internships are highly attainable in this city. Hence, many families have unpacked their belongings in the city In order to pursue their careers.

Hospitality employment is another hard hitter in this town. With handfuls of restaurants and dinning in Tallahassee and a University that focuses on this type of business, it has become an easy transition to take up restaurant ownership or gourmet cooking in the city.

Apartments in Tallahassee come in variety of types to accommodate to its students, professionals and families. Deciding what class of persons you fall in is your first step in reconciling which area of Tallahassee will enhance your lifestyle best.

If you are moving to Tallahassee with a family, there are plenty of older and more charming neighborhoods that shy away from college affairs. These neighborhoods are surrounded by great grade schools, primary physicians, parks and local grocery stores. Try looking at apartments near Thomasville or just outside of downtown. This suburban area is quiet the opposite of a college town.

If you are looking to live near entertainment not college town related, Tallahassee has plenty of things to do. For starters, there is the Museum of Art and the Museum of Florida History. In addition to its artist culture, there are several parks to visit where you can find students and families alike enjoying the outdoors. Such parks include Lake Ella and Lake Talquin.

French town is another popular urban district within Tallahassee that has attracted a great deal of attention with its expansion and rebuilding of the area. This neighborhood isolates itself from the student population and a number of young graduates have settled in this community. Tallahassee apartments in this neighborhood may be more affordable than the capitol area.

Although there are plenty of elements within the city of Tallahassee that are emblazoned with a studious atmosphere, Tallahassee is not just a college town. With business opportunities, family-friendly neighborhoods, and plenty of entertainment, this city has become a popular city to live in.

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