I want to plan a cheap date from my FSU apartment. What can I do to make it special?

When you think of romantic places to bring your significant other for a night of relaxation, FSU apartments are likely not the place that come to mind. Maybe your apartment is cramped, your roommates don't like having people over, or your Tally pet-friendly apartment is too much for guests. But when you're planning a date on a college student's budget, why not plan it in a place you're already paying 900$ in rent for? The right preparation can turn any average apartments near FSU into the perfect place for spending some quality time with your partner. Read on to learn about how to make your date special from the comfort of your home.

How to romantically light FSU apartments

The first thing that comes to people's mind when they're trying to put their partner in an amorous mood is romantic lighting. This is a classic strategy to give your apartment the right atmosphere for a date. Candles are a great way of setting the mood, especially scented candles with smells you know your partner likes. Pull the curtains over the windows to create a den of warm lighting in your home. You can also use natural light to your advantage; consider sitting with your date on your patio or balcony and watching the sunset together. Bonus points if the weather gives you an excuse to cozy up together under a blanket. Not only will a candlelit balcony impress your partner, but it's also a great way to show them that you care.

Make a meal to remember

A great way to save on money during a date is to cook dinner at home. Cooking at home is a cheaper option than going out to eat and can give your date a higher quality meal than many fast food places near Florida State University. Not only can you show off your cooking skills for your significant other, but you'll be saving the gas money you would have used to drive them somewhere. Keeping your meal contained in your apartment also gives you the chance to personalize the experience for your date; everyone loves being doted on occasionally. Plus, knowing that the food was made by hand will make the dinner all that more special. The fact that you went out of your way to lovingly prepare a meal is the most important part, and a touching act of service.

Having fun in your complex

An important question to keep in mind when planning your date is what amenities are already available at your apartment complex. You're paying for the privilege of those amenities; might as well put them to good use! For example, if your apartment has a pool for residents, then a daytime poolside barbeque could be a fun date idea. If there's a park, consider going on a romantic walk and having a picnic date. Some complexes also have game rooms or lounges. Make use of the resources you have to come up with low-cost, creative date ideas in your complex. 

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