Where should I live if I want to live near the business part of town?

If you consider yourself a workaholic or just find enjoyment in the convenience of being a short drive to work, then living near downtown Tallahassee can be quite advantageous.

Downtown Tallahassee is the city's enterprise for an upscale living, business driven, and faster paced environment. As a result of the Capital building being located in downtown, many Tallahassee apartments in this area are prone to business professionals and graduate students. In the center of culture and tradition, downtown is surrounded by government institutions, shopping, dinning and bars.

Most of the city's business is conducted in the Capitol district, allowing those live in the area to be walking distance from their place of employment. Tallahassee apartments in downtown are slightly different from those communities just outside of the district. Properties in this area have a more “city” feel. Units are stacked in smaller buildings in a hotel like setting, are more modern, new, and luxurious. Some communities are prone to street parking, while others do offer garage spaces. Units do tend to be some of the priciest in the Leon County region. However, these rentals do offer many resort style amenities such as granite counter tops, twenty-four fitness centers and maintenance, and Olympic sized swimming pools.

If the Tallahassee apartments located downtown are out of your budget, you may want to consider living just outside its limits in Midtown, Thomasville or even in neighborhoods near the college campus areas. Tally is a small town making most commutes throughout town to be less than a fifteen-minute drive. However, the downside to living near the Capitol building is the amount of traffic that correlates with that region during rush hour and football games. Although there is hardly a way to avoid traffic congestion in any town, Tallahassee's small roads do cause quite a bit of traffic. Living near East Call Street and Franklin Boulevard may allow you to avoid the traffic because most businesses are walking distance from these streets.

If you are looking for apartments near Tallahassee in the business part of the city, you should definitely first consider living in the downtown neighborhood. The Capital city is the town's principle place of business, forcing most of the city's workforce to travel to the area during the week. If you want a quieter place to live, consider looking just outside of the business community near Midtown, Thomasville or even near the Florida State University and FAMU campuses.

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