Can I sublease my apartment?

Throughout a year lease, many factors may arise that can complicate your ability to remain tied to your unit for the remainder of your contractual agreement. If you are facing such discrepancies that alter your need to terminate your stay, you may have several options.

It can sometimes be difficult for new or graduating students to sign a year lease. For many, ten months from now can seem like an eternity and planning accordingly can become quite cumbersome. However, a year-long lease can also instill a sense of consistency and belonging to a new visitor to the area, forcing them to make Tallahassee their new home.

Most students who attend Tallahassee Community College find that the college-resident area of Southwest Tally is most accommodating for those who are attending the nearby schools. Apart from the lively nightlife, convenience to class and student friendly budgets, this neighborhood is accustomed to student behavior. That being said, you can definitely count on flexibility and easement when it comes to terminating your lease.

Although most TCC apartments allow their tenants to terminate their lease agreements in exchange for a reasonable fee, some communities may even allow you to sublease your apartment to another resident in the Leon County area.

Subleasing an apartment is an agreement between you (sublessor) and the future tenant who will be taking over your lease (the sublessee) . Basically, you will be leasing out your unit to a new, subtenant. A sublease gives the subtenant the right to share or take over your leased premises for the remainder of your lease. The subtenant normally pays you directly and you pay the apartment community. However, any damages or default payments made my your subtenant can make you liable for the rental amounts.

Not all apartments near TCC will allow you the option to sublease without any restrictions. Some communities require screening the sublease tenant and will make a new modifying agreement between the subtenant and the property for the remainder of your lease. This will severe your liability for any damages or defaults that may occur within the remaining duration of your agreement.

Always check with your property management staff in order to determine whether a termination of your lease or a sublet to another subtenant would be best. Be weary of the liabilities that may be imposed on you should you sublease your home to another.

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