What are some good study spots near my FSU apartment?

Most people develop their best study habits while in college. While a select few are able to study anywhere at any time, most people prefer a quiet and secluded location to get work done. For those living in three or four bedroom apartments near Florida State University, it is important to get out of the apartment and into a more private location. As a graduate of Florida State myself, I can personally recommend these locations as reliable spots to take care of some homework or to cram for a test.

Strozier Library

Strozier is a go-to study spot for many students on FSU campus. Centrally located and complete with a two-way Starbucks, it's easy to see why students can be seen here with their nose in a book any day of the week. Although Strozier is in the middle of campus, secluded from any main streets, it should be a close and pleasant walk through campus from any off-campus housing near FSU. One of the most useful features of Strozier is the large amount of study rooms that are available to rent for any FSU student on the library's website. These are usually used by study groups, but can also be useful for an individual student looking to hide away from the crowds. My advice is to reserve a room as early as possible, because they can be notoriously difficult to secure during periods of high library traffic like exam week. Luckily, the library is usually open 24-hours during exams and midterms, allowing night owls to cram away from dusk til' dawn.

Black Dog Cafe

Black Dog Cafe is a locally owned Tallahassee staple, serving coffee to studying college students for over 22 years. Black Dog has a new location in the Railroad Square Art District as well as the original store overlooking Lake Ella Park near midtown. Though a small cafe might not have as many amenities as Strozier, this coffee shop can be a perfect spot for reading or studying alone. Both locations are also located in a beautiful place to take a walk during your study break. For this reason, I usually studied at Black Dog during the Spring, Winter, or Fall to take advantage of the beautiful Tallahassee weather.

Landis Green

Landis Green is the picturesque field located in the middle of campus, right in front of Strozier library. On a nice day, you can find students tossing the frisbee, walking their dogs, laying in hammocks, and yes- studying. While it may not be the most quiet or secluded place on campus, the green offers a perfect place to relax with a book in the sunshine. Bring a picnic blanket or sit on a bench as you take a break from the windowless rooms of Strozier, or go out with friends to "study" and toss the football. 

Midtown Kava Lounge

For those who prefer kava or kratom to coffee, Midtown Kava Lounge offers a cozy indoor bar and outdoor seating. Located in the same complex as the Publix at Lake Ella, this Kava Bar is within close driving range of most off-campus housing near Florida State University. If you are new to Kava, and over 18 years old, it is useful to do some research and try it out before studying with a kava drink in hand. Here's a useful source on what is known about the plant. While this spot may not be for everyone, it can be a good place to have an informal study session. The bar also features game systems for a nice reward after finishing your work. 

These locations are among the most popular places for studying, but hopefully won't be overrun with students to distract you from your work. If you are searching for your own study spot, consider looking for local business to support, and avoid going at times where there may be rushes full of loud customers. Remember that the best place to study is where you feel comfortable and can avoid outside interference. Happy studying!

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