How can I get the most out of the space in my studio Tallahassee apartment?

Studio Tallahassee apartments can truly be one of the most amazing places in Tallahassee to live. With a little rearranging and following some simple tips you can transform your seemingly small space into a comfortable living arrangement. When browsing Tallahassee apartments I know it can seem easy to overlook studio apartments; since most people tend to be intimidated in renting one because they don't feel as if they know how to utilize the space. However, making full use of your studio apartment is not something that has to be extremely difficult or cost a lot of money.

One of the most important steps in making sure you get the most space out of your studio Tallahassee apartment is to section off different areas of the room. Areas like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are probably the areas you'll want to section off the most; whereas the other rooms can tend to blend together without much detriment to the space. If you're like me and are always in love with canopy beds take the opportunity to turn your bed into a canopy bed. Not only will this make everything feel a little more luxurious, it creates a certain amount of privacy as well. Even adding a bookshelf or a couch to the end of your bed can help create some privacy while divvying up the room.

As for the sectioning off the bathroom in your studio Tallahassee apartment, there are certainly many ways you can do that. You can again, use a curtain or opt for shower curtains or even repurposed sliding doors. The sliding doors will give you the most sense of privacy though when it comes to using the bathroom.

Kitchens don't necessarily have to be sectioned off but it does make the room feel a little bit bigger and more concise if you do. For dining space you could even build or by a simple table that folds up into the wall. This way you don't have to eat on your couch or bed but it the table doesn't take up any extra room when it's not being used, and the chairs can be placed elsewhere; like near the TV.

Couches are a good way to divide up parts of the room in your studio Tallahassee apartment. However, sometimes you may want to use your space for something other than a couch. If this is the case then you can opt for giant floor pillows for your guests that can easily be stacked out of the way when not in use. You can either make the giant floor pillows yourself or browse Ikea and other furniture stores in search for them.

Turning your studio Tallahassee apartment into a more spacious and livable area doesn't have to be an extreme task, and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. With a few curtains, elbow grease, and some fun DIY crafts you'll find yourself with a beautiful living space in no time. Not to mention studio apartments tend to be cheaper apartments, saving you even more money.

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