How can I keep FAMU apartments smelling fresh?

Apartments near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University have many options when it comes to keeping them smelling new and clean, just like when you first moved in. Your cleaning habits, along with your roommate or roommates, will have a lot to do with the smell of your FAMU apartment. 

Keep Your Apartment Clean

FAMU apartments will stay clean and smelling fresh if you...just keep it clean! I know this seems very obvious, but many foul smells are caused by residents not keeping their place neat and tidy. If you leave your dirty dishes in the sink for a week, that burnt-on salmon from last Wednesday will stink. I promise. This is where having a dishwasher in your apartment comes in handy. Not cleaning out your refrigerator for a couple of months...ghastly. Forgetting to take the trash out will also smell the place up a bit. This is especially true if it has slipped your mind that you chopped up an onion two weeks ago and the remnants are still sitting on the bottom of the trash can. Just keeping your place free of any dirt, old food or smelly items will help bring the air freshness up to level 10.

Pet Friendly Apartments

Apartments near FAMU which are pet friendly may have a more difficult time keeping fresh. If you have a dog, chances are that they will need a bath from time to time. Dogs also track in dirt and other various questionable pieces of matter. Make sure you wipe your dog's paws after they go outside, and please give the poor guy a bath! If you have a cat, first and foremost, keep that litter box clean. A dirty or neglected litter box can take years off of your life if it is left unattended for too long. Make sure you empty this out frequently to prevent any foul odors that you may endure.

Keeping Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

Ok, now that the basics of keeping the smells away in FAMU apartments have been covered, there are many ways to freshen up your living space even more. Air fresheners, such as wall plug-ins are very popular and give out a great amount of fragrance. Oil diffusers are great for offering a lovely smell for you and your visitors. Wax melts and their warmers are also very popular right now. With so many different fragrance combinations on the market, you can make your apartment go from smelling like an apple orchard to smelling like you're beachside in a matter of minutes. A fragrant carpet powder is very helpful if you have carpet, especially if you have pets. You typically just sprinkle this amazing smelling powder on the ground, wait a few minutes and vacuum it up! Of course the old standby is a candle. While they smell great, look great and make you feel all warm and cozy inside, they can be dangerous if left unattended. In fact, some communities may even ban the use of candles. Make sure you check with your office before lighting up that Pumpkin Spice three-wick candle.

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