What are some tips for organizing my home office in my TCC apartment?

If you're studying hard and looking forward to the future, then you're going to need a dedicated place to work in your Tallahassee Community College apartment. Creating a remote office also means you can explore awesome new work from home opportunities, which are becoming a lot more accessible for everyone.

Joining the WFH army while also being a good student is definitely a challenge, but it has amazing benefits. According to the New York Times, remote workers save money, eat healthier, and exercise more. 

But you might not have endless square footage to dedicate to your new workspace, so here are some clever tips for setting up and organizing a home office that makes you both happy and productive!

Make a Plan of Attack

The first step is to explore the potential workspace locations in your apartment. If you've got a roommate, then discuss your needs and the potential logistics of setting up a new home office for yourself. Don't just commandeer a corner of the couch or the dining table.

You might be lucky enough to have a spacious apartment with a lovely glass door out to patio or balcony, which is actually a great place to establish your desk – natural light enhances your mood and lets you save a bit of electricity while you work.

Another new trend is to take advantage of an unused closet space to create a cozy and quiet study nook for yourself. Not sure you want to closet yourself away? Think out of the box and discover the perfect spot for your new station.

Stock Up on Supplies

Head on over to Tennessee Street to do some shopping for the things you'll need to build your office space or start filling up your Amazon cart for delivery straight to your TCC apartment.

Don't panic – you won't need to spend a fortune, but you will want to make sure you snag these important items:

  • A high-quality chair and a couple of throw cushions for comfort and style.
  • Noise-canceling headphones are one of the latest and greatest inventions.
  • Air-purifying plants like succulents and Pothos are easy to care for and raise your mood.
  • A sturdy work surface that fits your space – buy something unusual or make your own.
  • Quality hardware – you work hard, and you deserve a powerful computer.
  • Fast internet will make your whole life easier. Put your bill on autopay!

Get Busy

Once you've decided where in your apartment your new home office will be, you can now build your elegant workspace and get ready to take care of business.

Set up your new desk and chair and make sure your tech is online and ready to rumble. Then you can decide where your storage area will be. No matter what your major is or what company you work for, you're going to need efficient and innovative storage solutions to keep everything organized. Consider a chic antique cabinet, vertical shelving, or a repurposed kitchen rack to hold all your cords, headphones, chargers, tablets, paper, battery packs - the list is endless.

Schedule Some Self-Care

It is easy to get burnt out sometimes when you're both working and going to college. That's why it's important to take some time out for yourself and relax. Chilling out by your apartment's swimming pool is a fabulous way to get some fresh air and some exercise without going far.

Reach out to friends and plan a group outing in College Town, or go enjoy one of the many state parks or natural springs in the area. There are miles of gorgeous trails in Tallahassee for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Take a relaxing drive under stately ancient oak trees or join a yoga studio. In the evening, relax in your tub with a glass of wine and a locally crafted bath bomb.


Working at home while going to college is tough but you can handle it. A snazzy new home office in your TCC apartment will encourage you to study harder and work smarter. Keep checking RentTally for more tips and tricks on how to live your best Tallahassee life!

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