How do apartment communities select a roommate for me?

Living with a roommate throughout your collegiate career can be very beneficial. Sharing your space with another can make you rent less costly, help you meet new friends, and even help you adjust to your new life as a student. However, is it very important to consider what type of person you will live with and if the two of you will be compatible or make for a disastrous living! Most apartments near FAMU offer roommate selection services to those who are seeking a college roommate. This process is normally implemented through a questionnaire form. These forms normally ask questions from personal preferences, to hobbies, interests and even studies. How you answer these questions can reveal the type or person you are and what type of personality you could successfully live with. However, each management staff can adhere to this process differently, this is generally how most complexes will begin the process. In the event that you and your roommate can no longer live together, you can always speak to a staff member of your living community. The staff will often work with you to solve your problems and even relocate you to a new unit if need be.

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