How do I make my FAMU apartment a relaxing sanctuary from everyday life?

It's only natural to want your home to feel comfortable and safe, an escape from the stresses of daily life. Just because you're living in an apartment for the duration of your college years doesn't mean it shouldn't have all the comforts of home. There are a wide-variety of amenities to choose from when looking for an apartment near FAMU to keep your home life peaceful and relaxed. Likewise, there are just as many personal touches you can add yourself once you have moved in, and in no time at all you can have the dwelling of your dreams.

As a college student it is pretty likely that you have experienced lived with others whether it be family, friends, peers or assigned roommates. At Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, dorms are great for freshmen who are new to college life and are looking to make friends, or simply students who want to stay on campus full-time for added convenience. However, dorms can also be very loud and provide little to no privacy. This can make it hard to have peaceful alone time in your own room, which can cause additional stress. Finding a quiet apartment near FAMU will provide the peace and quiet you are craving while still keeping you close to campus. The close proximity will give you the distance you need to detach and unwind from your school life without adding a long commute to your day.

With an apartment near FAMU, you can choose how to spend your alone time. One of the best ways to keep stress out of your life is to exercise daily. Moving your body every day not only gives your mind a distraction from your worries, it also keeps you in shape and helps promote a healthier lifestyle. I personally love swimming as a form of exercise, especially in Florida when it's hot out. To avoid the heat, consider an apartment that has a swimming pool where you can swim laps or float around. It's easy on the joints and you almost always feel great after spending time in the pool, it's a win win!

When you're busy with school, work or both, the last thing you want to do is stress over monthly bills. A huge way to reduce stress and streamline your life is to look for a FAMU apartment that is all inclusive. If you go for a community where the price of rent includes your basic living as well as your utilities, you can cut down on the amount of separate bills you have to keep track of on a monthly basis. That means you won't have to fret over potentially losing power because you forgot to pay your electric bill, and you can put that energy toward something more productive.

After you've found an apartment that naturally helps you unwind, it is time to add your personal touches to really make your home a sanctuary. If you have some personal items from your childhood home, keep them visible in your apartment and use them as decoration. Likewise, try to keep your favorite health foods stocked up so you always have some comfort food on-hand. Decorations such as candles can come in relaxing scents, such as lavender, and offer warm, cozy lighting. There are additional ways to spice up your new  FAMU apartment to make it an instant reprieve from the outside world, and hopefully you have some inspiration for your new apartment! 

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