As a girl new to TCC, where can I go to get my hair done?

Moving to a new city and finding the perfect hair salon can be a difficult task. However, just like any other city, Tallahassee is home to numerous salons that offer affordable cuts and colors. The Aveda Institute is right off of West Pensacola Street and close to campus. Here, you can allow a fellow student to cut and style your hair at a much more affordable price than the competing salon's in the area. If you are searching for someone who may have more experience in the hair industry, you can try a well-known and more luxurious salon such as a Tracy Young Salon over on West 5th Avenue. This is a further drive than some of the other salon's closer to campus. However, this is well worth the stop. From Ombre's to celebrity styled waves, this dynamic salon is just a short drive away from perfect hair! In you are an in and out type of person or a guy looking for a cheap cut, there is a super cuts right on Ocala Road. Anointed Too Beauty Salon is right on West Tennessee and may be a convenient drive or walk from your TCC apartment.

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