What can I do to ensure my roommates and I all get along in our shared apartment near FSU?

If you are nervous about moving into your new Florida State University apartment and living with other people, you are not alone. For many individuals, college is their first experience living away from home. Likewise, it is their first time cohabitating with people other than their family. Everyone learns to interact in a shared space differently, and it can be easier for some than for others. That being said, there are two major things you should consider taking advantage of to help prevent potential issues.  

Use Roommate Matching

Roommate matching is offered at many FSU apartments. This wonderful service matches individuals with similar lifestyles, habits and interests to share a multi-bedroom apartment. For instance, if you're a college student at Florida State University who typically goes to bed early and rises early with 8:00 am classes, you would likely be paired with other early risers on a similar schedule. This helps prevent problems like incompatibility and noise level issues. Roommate matching is a very popular option for students, and it can be a great way to make friends in your early college years.

Opt for an Individual Lease

Nobody enjoys talking about money with their roommates. It can be awkward having to remind someone that rent is due in a few days, and it can place a huge strain on the roommate/friend relationship. Luckily, many apartments near FSU are aware of this issue and offer individual leases to split the responsibility so you're not responsible for your roommates' portion of the apartment. This option allows you to still save money by splitting your living space, yet it prevents you from being financially tied to your roommates. With an individual lease, apartments often go down in cost with each additional bedroom. Apartments with four bedrooms will be less expensive per person than apartments with two or three bedrooms.

The two biggest issues students face when moving into a new apartment with people they don't know are compatibility and financial responsibility. With roommate matching and individual leases, these two potentially huge issues are no longer a problem. These options create a less stressful environment and a more likely chance of roommate success. Of course, other issues may arise, but part of the bonding experience is learning to live respectfully together. There are several options for keeping everyone responsible, like the chore wheel. Making a chore wheel is a fun way to break the ice with your new roommates, figure out what everyone's preferred level of cleanliness is and to determine a scheduled cleaning routine. Once the wheel is done, everyone will have a weekly cleaning task that will rotate, meaning that everyone gets a turn cleaning the bathroom, taking out the trash or tidying up the living room. After all, sharing is caring! 

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