Have any roommate traditions ideas for me and my roomies in our FSU apartment?

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Having roommates at Florida State University is one of the best parts about leaving home. You get to connect with people from all over the country that want to get to know you and have the chance to experience student apartment living with you as well. When living under the same roof, you can get more acquainted with their lifestyles and find things to do together.

Roommates are like built-in friends because they are quite literally always nearby when you are bored or need their support. The good thing is that a lot of apartment complexes offer roommate matching to survey the compatibility you have with other possible roommates before you live with them. By finding out what you guys have in common, you are in the right direction to establishing traditions and making life-long memories in the process.

Celebrate the Holidays With Your FSU Apartment Roommates

Holidays are a great time to spend with other people. If you have roommates, you'll never have to worry about being alone during your favorite times of the year. Think of all the things you could do to celebrate the holidays at apartments near FSU. You could go seasonal fruit picking, have haunted hayrides, throw parties and dinners, make your favorite homemade dishes, and decorate your apartment with your roommates and friends.

One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone celebrates the holidays. Also, religious holidays are something you can participate in depending on what your and your roommates' beliefs and curiosities are. Either way, celebrating any holiday with other people can give them better insight into the things you like and cherish throughout the year.

Host Cooking Nights in Your Apartment Near FSU

When you live in an apartment with a refrigerator, chances are that you use it to store all the food that you want to cook in your kitchen. Even if you aren't the most active chef, cooking with your FSU apartment roommates can save you money, time, and create a great activity that you can do with them anytime you want.

Not to mention, cooking in the kitchen is less of a chore when you are doing it with other people. Dispersing the workload can also make it feel more fun and one of the best ways to make someone happy is to reach them through their stomach. Food will always be something people bond over and if you open yourself up to trying new dishes, you might be pleasantly surprised with the experience.

Watch Movies Together in Apartments Near FSU

There's nothing like a nice relaxing movie night to bring a group of new strangers or old friends together. If you search for a furnished apartment, you might already have a TV before you move in, and you wouldn't want it to just go to waste. Planning movie nights with your roommates can be a great way to see new movies, have some delicious movie-watching snacks and share a low-stakes, emotional experience with the people you live with.

A shared apartment can make your college experience so much more lively and gift you the chance to meet some special people. No matter what you use your apartment for, there are many options for spending time with your new roommates. You can create some unique and exciting traditions that can continue to stay with you even after you all graduate from college.

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