I’m looking for a roommate for my Tallahassee apartment - how can I make sure we’re a good match?

A roommate can be an awesome option to lower your apartment-related expenses and split household responsibilities, but when you find a great one, they can also turn into a lifelong friend. I know from experience, as I recently attended the wedding of the roommate I had my first year of college, more than seven years after we lived together. It sounds like you're looking for someone you can really get along with for the long-haul. To help make sure you're a good fit, I recommend discussing the following:

  • Your finances. Talking about money upfront can feel uncomfortable, but it'll feel a lot worse to discuss for the first time if there's an issue. Make sure you talk to potential roommates about the costs associated with living there, whether you live in an apartment under $500 or one of the luxury apartments in Tallahassee. You'll want to break out rent and utilities, as well as any additional costs. Know where you're willing to negotiate. For example, maybe the person in the master bedroom can pay a little more, or you don't need the best cable package on the market, but you can't sacrifice having the highest internet speed.
  • Your lifestyles. "Lifestyle" topics can range from waking up at 5AM every day to keeping a smoke-free apartment, but you definitely want to chat through a lot of them. You'll probably come to dislike someone who keeps you from living your life the way you want to live it, so it's important to find out early if they work the night shift and if they're allergic to nuts when you're timing your future sleep schedule and peanut butter sandwiches. Think back to when you were apartment hunting: there are many awesome Tallahassee apartments, but you found the best apartment for your lifestyle. You have to find the best roommate for your lifestyle too.
  • Your expectations. Take time to discuss what it is you're looking for in a roommate. Do you want someone to hang out with after work and on the weekends, or would you prefer you both did your own thing? What temperature should the thermostat be set to when no one is home? Will they watch any pets while you're away? Who will manage what chores? It can be difficult transitioning from being the only person living in a space to sharing your apartment, so you want to make sure that you're both on the same page with what's expected of you. Things will still come up as you live together, but this can lay the groundwork for open communication, which is key.

Here are 30 great questions you can ask a potential roommate before you decide if they're the one, which should help you get started. And if the prospect of interviewing potential roommates makes you stress already, it could be worth exploring the Tallahassee apartments that offer roommate matching - they'll take care of some of the work for you. Good luck in your search; I am confident you'll find a great roommate!

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