Are There Any Restaurants Near FAMU apartments?

One thing that a class of college students shares in common is a large appetite. Whether it be a grab-and -go midnight snack or a quiet dinner date for two, the city of Tallahassee offers a variety of accommodating dining for its resident students and visitors.

The city of Tallahassee has over 441 restaurants within its border. From cheap and convenient to fine dining, the Capitol City town does not restrict its residents from enjoying the best when it comes to food.

FAMU is located in the Southwest district of town just next door to Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College. Although many FAMU apartments are dispersed throughout Leon County, the majority of students tend to call Southwest Tally their home. As a result of such a large student population taking up residence in one specified location, this district has become quite convenient for students, especially those who are looking for a nearby restaurant to frequently visit.

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, there are several fast-food restaurants within walking distance of FAMU apartments. These include Taco Bell, Subway, Quiznos, and Church's Chicken. If you are searching for apartments near these types of eateries, look for communities near Lake Bradford Rd, Ocala Rd, and Monroe Street. Although these types of restaurants are sufficient for those limited to a student budget, some individuals may prefer the experience of a sit down dinner.

Restaurants are a great place to socialize and enjoy a happy hour all while treating yourselves to a college-styled cuisine. There are dozens of chain and local restaurants within walking distance or a short drive from apartments near FAMU. The most popular happy hour and fried food joints in the area Po Boy's and Pot Belly's. Momo's and Gumby's pizza are some of the more laid back social hangouts, while Shula's and Tallahassee Ale house serve as one of the town's fine dining restaurants. Harry's Seafood Bar and grille offers curbside takeout and sit down dinners, which many FAMU students consider a favorite.

The closer you remain to either the FSU, TCC or FAMU campus, the more options you will have when it comes to looking for a place to satisfy your cravings. Generally, the majority of restaurants near FAMU apartments tend to be strung throughout Tennessee Street, Apalachee Parkway, and North Monroe. There are also several places to eat on the University campus. However, these diners may have earlier closing hours than restaurants outside of campus property.

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