I want to get a roommate but I am worried I'll end up getting stuck with someone who doesn't pay their share of the bills. What can I do to make sure that doesn't happen?

There are a couple ways you can protect your finances from a roommate who doesn't follow through. First, choose some one you trust. Granted that is not always possible. If you are not able to live with someone you know is good for their share of the bills you have a few other options.


Look for individual leases. This is an option most FAMU apartments offer where you sign a single lease to rent your bedroom and pay your portion of the rent only. This means you are not responsible for paying the entire months rent if your roommate packs their bags and leaves. However, it can mean the community has the right to place someone else in your unit who you may not know.


Another option is to use a roommate matching service with individual leases. You will fill out a short form about yourself and apartment complex will match you up with someone else. You will still want individual leases.   

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