What do I do if my FSU apartments do not offer recycling?

It is a great thing that you are concerned about recycling at FSU apartments. This is a very easy, yet commonly overlooked step in helping better our very own environment. While most FSU apartments do offer some sort of recycling, you may run across some that do not. While you can go to your office and petition that this feature be added to your rent and daily cost of living, you can also find a few options to recycle on your own.

If you live in FSU apartments that are in Leon County, then there are a couple of options. There are three Rural Waste Collection Centers for residential customers where you can drop off all of your recyclables during business hours. Residents can also bring their recycling to the Leon County Solid Waste Management Facility, which is open Monday through Saturday.

It is important to note that there are also multiple drop-off sites around town. These are typically in parking lots of shopping centers, restaurants, and other types of businesses. Residents of FSU apartments can just drop their recycling off in these structures. Sometimes they are a huge trailer, other times it may be a wooden shelter. Either way, these are plentiful around the city and shouldn't be hard to find. When in doubt, you can always call the city of Tallahassee to ask about their locations.

Be sure to check with the county you reside in before you drop off your recyclables to any location near your FSU apartments. Some centers will allow you to put all recyclables in one container while others may want for you to separate them out. If they want for you to separate them, then make sure you place all newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper bags, paper board (such as cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc.), and plain white or colored paper in one bin. The other bin will contain plastic bottles and jugs less than 3 gallons, plastic household containers (such as butter tubs, yogurt cups, etc.), glass jars and bottles, clear produce containers, aluminum and steel cans and soda and beer cans.

When recycling for your FSU apartments, make sure you rinse out all bottles and containers. It is also ok to leave on the labels and lids. Make sure to break down your cardboard boxes and lay flattened cardboard on the top of your recyclables. Don't put contaminated paper in your recyclables. This includes soiled items such as pizza boxes, napkins or soiled frozen food boxes. Do not use plastic bags in your recyclables. Also, make sure they will take larger boxes. Some facilities may only include them up to a certain height and width.

If recycling is important to you, then it is probably important to search for FSU apartments that include it in the rent. This will make life easier and greener for you!

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