Can I survive without my own transportation in Tallahassee?

Public transportation runs rampant alongside the large collegiate population of the city. Being the State Capitol and a college town to both famed schools of Florida State University and FAMU, there is almost always something going on in the city of Tallahassee. The Star Metro, arguably the town's most recognized public transportation system, will take its passengers to almost any destined location within the State's capitol. From downtown to Northeast neighborhoods, public transportation may be a reliable alternative for those who do not have their own vehicle.

If you are moving to Tallahassee to attend one of the city's Universities, It will probably be more convenient to search for Tallahassee apartments closer to school. A great benefit to living in this city is the cheap housing options intravenously running alongside with the vast collegiate community. In addition, conveniently located bus routes strategically surround many student homes. This makes catching a ride to class, restaurants, or internships much easier. In fact, the Star Metro provides complimentary rides for all students with a valid Student ID.

If you are moving to the area with a family, the best place to live may be the Northeast side of the district. In this part of town, you will discover a more diverse population of mixed ages and families. The Star Metro travels to many family-friendly neighborhoods located in the Thomasville area. Some of these neighborhoods include Ox Bottom Manor, Golden Eagle, and Summerbrooke. However, Tallahassee apartments in these communities will be more expensive than units located near the University subsections. Another note to bear in mind is that the further you travel into the suburbs, the less convenient public transportation will become.

Aside from college game days, traffic really isn't too terrible throughout Tallahassee. Although, while using public transportation you may want to calculate a decent amount of time getting to and from apartments near Tallahassee or even work given you will be traveling into the downtown district. Even though the city is not very large, the bus routes do take some time. In fact, the average amount of time it takes to get from University or Northeast areas to downtown is about thirty-four minutes to almost an hour.

Do know, however, that most of Tallahassee's populations own their own vehicles. Although most districts in the city are geographically close to one another, you will be surprised to experience the few amount of passengers that choose to use public transportation as their main source of travel.

When it comes to public transportation, you will definitely notice the advantage of city commuting when living near the college areas. Where as living in the suburbs may limit your use for bus route selections and stops. However, if you choose to live downtown, many local conveniences are walking distance from your home.

Although some may consider waiting for public transportation a nuisance, you can definitely survive without owning your own vehicle in Tallahassee. It may take you a bit longer to travel to and from specific locations but the Star Metro will certainly be able to get you there.

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