I am moving to Tallahassee to attend TCC and I wont have a car. Help!

Not having a car may seem troublesome at first glance when moving to a new city. However, the Tallahassee area is built to accommodate to its ever-expanding student population-many, in which, do not have a vehicle. The benefits to living in a college town are especially advantageous for those who travel on foot. Just on the Tallahassee Community College campus are five different restaurants and a café. Just within a mile are handfuls of restaurants to hang out or to pick up some grub. Almost all of these dine ins offer take out! In addition, the TCC area also provides a gym on campus, hosts many special events and offers clubs for your to participate in so you never feel as though you need to drive a distance in order to be fulfilled. If you are looking to make your away across campus or to travel a distance away from your TCC apartment, the city of Tallahassee offers the Star Metro. This public transportation system offers free rides to those with a valid school ID. The Starmetro has 12 cross town routs and will even shuttle you to and from school.

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