What are the pros and cons to living near Doak Campbell Stadium?

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If you have ever lived in Tallahassee, you have surely taken sight of the brick fortress stamped in the middle of Southwest Tallahassee. Doak Campbell stadium is the dominant abode of the Florida State Seminoles and holds nearly 90,000 guests per home game!

If you are an adamant college football fan, living near Doak Campbell Stadium may seem like a suitable option. In fact, it may be the perfect place for you to call home when searching for apartments near TCC. However, lets weigh out the pros and cons to help you first get an understanding of the area.

First, TCC is just minutes from the FSU area and Doak Campbell Stadium, to be exact. So, attending the community college while living near the stadium does not seem problematic in regard to location. There are plenty of TCC apartments near this area that are very accommodating for students specifically. That being said, living near Doak Campbell may get you walking distance to class. In addition, student housing is much more affordable in the Southeast district of Tallahassee. Student is housing is also great for those looking to live in a studious environment where many floor plants, units and amenities are catered to students. This can come in form of roommate selection options, twenty-four hour fitness centers, and student Barbeque days.

If you enjoy football games, living near Doak Campbell Stadium allows you to skip the hour process of finding a parking spot and walking miles to the stadium to make it in time for game day. You also get to live in the middle of the collegiate parade. If you are that type of person who lives, breathes and bleeds college football, this is the perfect area for you to live in. Living near the stadium also allows you to meet more students and become more involved in your school.

When football is not in session, take advantage of the grassy areas of Doak Campbell Stadium. Here, you can find some quiet areas to read while enjoying the Florida sun.

If you are searching for nightlife, TCC apartments near Doak Campbell Stadium experience a large dose of it! Some of the town's most popular bars, such as The Palace, are located right next door.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to living near the Seminole's home. With game day comes heavy, heavy traffic. If you plan on getting somewhere on a day that the Noles play in town, you really have to plan ahead or decide not to leave your home at all. This area is also not very accommodating to families. Southwest Tallahassee is primarily populated with young students eager to experience boisterous nights and long days. There are also more student housing areas here as opposed to larger one units or luxury communities. If you plan on getting some peace and quite time while living here, I would think again. This area may just not be for you.

Although there are many added benefits to living near the stadium, be aware of traffic and loud neighbors if you plan to take up space in this neighborhood.

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