Since the weather is getting better, do you have any tips on throwing a pool party cookout at FSU apartments?

Good friends, delicious food, refreshing beverages and sunshine…that is what living in Florida is all about! What better way to unwind after a busy week of school or work than by throwing a get-together pool party at FSU apartments! When planning such an affair, there are a few tips you'll want to follow that will ensure that the office staff and your neighbors will still love you at the end! We know that when it's time to invite guests over, your 1 bedroom apartment might start to feel smaller, so grab your sunscreen and head out to the pool area to spread out and enjoy the Florida weather.

Check Guest Policies at your FSU Apartment

When deciding on inviting people over to apartments near FSU, you will want to check on your community's guest policy. Each and every community will have a different policy, so make sure you do not assume that just because your last apartment had a very relaxed guest policy that your current one does too. This isn't always the case, but if your community is catered toward the student-centric crowd, they are typically used to their residents throwing get-togethers every now and then. If it is a smaller, quieter community, it is possible that the residents aren't always up for a full-blown pool party. If that's the case, that does not mean you can't have friends over, you may just need to tone it down a bit. Also, be sure to check on your community's pool hours. Some may close at a certain hour of the evening, so be sure to be packed up and out of there before it closes.

Another reason you will want to check on your community's guest policy at FSU apartments is to find out if your visitors need a guest pass, a parking pass or both. Many communities will require that any vehicle that is not registered to a resident on a lease will need to park in a visitor's spot. Some communities have a plentiful number of spots, while others you may need to obtain an additional parking pass for. You will want to make sure you iron out these details or your guests run the risk of getting their vehicle towed at their expense…that is sure to ruin anyone's pool day!

When using the amenities at apartments near FSU, you will want to take great care of every object and area you come in contact with. Be courteous of your fellow neighbors and the office staff. Be sure you clean up after yourselves! If residents continually throw pool parties and leave trash around the common areas, the community could decide to put a ban on all outside guests. You don't want to be the one who ruins it for everyone else! Also, remember to be safe when using the amenities. If you decide to barbeque, remember to practice caution when handling an open flame. If there are adult beverages involved, make sure that you and your guests are acting appropriately and that you have a plan in place to prevent drinking and driving.

One more fun tip before throwing the BBQ shindig of a lifetime at FSU apartments is to invite the neighbors! By inviting them, you are making them aware that there will be a social event happening within earshot of their apartment. This is a courteous gesture, so if they do in fact need quiet time to study or need to sleep during the day, they can make the appropriate arrangements. Even better is if they can join you! You may be able to make a new friend or two by inviting them along. Plus, more people just equal more food and drink if you tell everyone to bring something. 

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