I've decided to try plant-based eating. What are the best ways to do this as a college student in apartments near TCC?

Altering your diet can be a huge change and one that not everyone can do correctly. The wrong way to start a new diet is to be super strict or deprive yourself of nutrients and balance. As a student attending Tallahassee Community college, you might find yourself being limited budget-wise and don't know how to start your meat-less journey. The first step is to identify that cutting meat out of your diet does not equal cutting protein out of your diet. Also, you can obtain nutrients from food other than meat by consuming nutrient-packed vegetables and plant-based meat substitutes.

As a college student, buying pre-made meatless meals can get super expensive and you might find yourself looking to other less expensive options to get the protein your body needs. Maybe starting with living in a cheap apartment might allow you a bigger budget for meat-free purchases.

Try to Research Plant-Based Meat Substitutes in TCC Apartments

The first order of business is to find out what kind of meat substitutes there are available for someone looking to get protein solely from plant-based foods. There are a lot of great options for different kinds of plant-based alternatives. Some of my favorites are tofu, tempeh, seitan, lentils and beans, and cauliflower. Depending on individual preferences and dietary restrictions, you are bound to find at least one substitute that will fit your needs.

In groceries near TCC apartments, there is normally a vegan section containing all different kinds of plant-based meat alternatives. This is where you can find meatless proteins that will be the main part of your meals.

Learn How to Cook Vegan Meals in Apartments Near TCC

Most of the time, if you have a limited budget and need to spread your dollar thin, cooking food yourself is the best way to save money. Normally, when you go out and pay for pre-made food, it costs more money because someone else prepared it for you. In this case, cooking for yourself in apartments near TCC eliminates that cost, but does take more time and commitment out of your day.

If you do decide to cook for yourself, it's best to make sure you have a refrigerator to store all of the vegetables and other perishables foods you buy to make your meals. Also, having a lot of storage space in your TCC apartment kitchen is another trick to plant-based cooking because a lot of the time going plant-based requires a plethora of different ingredients.

Find Vegan Restaurants Near TCC Apartments

For special occasions, if you don't feel like cooking, or if you don't want to cook at all while being fully plant-based, going out and buying pre-made food from a restaurant is another option. There are a ton of great local, vegan restaurants in Tallahassee that can cater to your plant-based needs. Whatever your preferences are, just know that going plant-based isn't impossible even if you are a college student!

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