I’m looking for a pet friendly apartment in Tallahassee. Any suggestions for me?

At one time, having a pet at an apartment community was a big no, no. But today, communities are much more pet friendly than in past years. Although a good number of communities allow pets, you really need to check with the individual apartment to see what particular pets they allow. For example, although the community may allow dogs, there might be a weight limit or breed restrictions in place. So just make sure you know all the facts before signing the lease. Some pet-friendly Tallahassee apartments will charge a "pet fee", which could range from a onetime charge when you sign your lease, to a monthly fee added onto your rent. Once you know if your new home allows Fido to come along, don't forget to find out about other pet related benefits such as a dog walk/park, or first floor living for convenience when taking your pet out.

If you are searching for a student apartment, you'll also be happy to know that many apartments near FSU campus are pet friendly. Just be sure to register your pet with the leasing team when you reserve your apartment and check with your roommates before move-in day to make sure they know you'll be bringing a dog or cat and to make sure no one has allergies.

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