Where can I go to see art and music performances near TCC apartments?

Seeing a live show can create lasting memories and is a great way to treat yourself to something special. Whether you want to enjoy something on your own or experience a show with friends, there are several popular venues near TCC apartments for art, music and other performances through the year. This area of Tallahassee is popular among college students, which means local music and indie events are always on the calendar. Below are a few places where you can catch some fantastic live show nears Tallahassee Community College apartments.

What are my options for bigger live performances near TCC apartments?

One of the largest venues in the area is the Capital City Amphitheater, which 3,500-seat outdoor venue for huge music concerts that often features some of the biggest artists on the scene. The venue itself emerged from a historic Florida landmark, Cascades Park, which was once a 19th century gathering spot for hunters and travelers. Before the concert, visitors can enjoy Discovery at Cascades, an exhibit area that showcases a variety of Florida environments, habitat gardens and even a play area for children.

Located near downtown Tallahassee, the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall is the primary performance venue for Florida State University. It features over 1,000 seats for patrons and features unique performances that include orchestras, guest artists, choir shows and much more. This is one of the top destinations near Tallahassee Community College apartments for lovers of instrumental music.

What are my options for smaller performances and local community events near TCC apartments?

One of the most loved venues near TCC apartments is Theatre Tallahassee, found in 1949 as a non-profit organization to further and promote literary and dramatic arts in the community. The main stage, which is geared towards bigger musicals, comedies, dramas, mysteries and more, includes over 250 seats with a high tech surround sound system. Their website is regularly updated for new show seasons so keep an eye on the schedule once you move to TCC apartments.

If you enjoy local community events, Bud Light Tallahassee Downtown Getdown is a well-known tradition in the Tallahassee area for over 20 years. The event features lots of live music, food vendors, and local crafters that come together to celebrate the football season. Typically, each weekend features a different local band so check the schedule to pick the best weekend to go.

Other ways to enjoy live music and performances in the area include Club Downunder, Bradfordvilles Blues Club and The Moon. The latter, for example, is a great place to enjoy country, rock, reggae, rap, jazz and R&B concerts, as well as circuit, political and cultural events. If you don't plan to own a car or want to save money on parking when attending these events, look for apartments near public transportation to make it easier to commute to these exciting performances. Quiet apartments are also available for residents who want a peaceful environment when they head home from the concert!

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