There are a couple ways you can protect your finances from a roommate who doesn't follow through. First, choose some one you trust. Granted that is not always possible. If you are not able to live with someone you know is good for their share of the bi

In general, most apartments are not going to be keen on you painting. Painting can mean revoking at lease part of your deposit. However, there is usually a loop hole. Most apartments don't mind as long as you repaint the walls the original cover upon moving out. This also means you need to be pretty decent at painting and make sure you don't get paint all over the floor boards or carpet. A cheaper, cleaner option is to hang colored fabric on the wall so make the place feel homey. But, if your need to make your new apartment near FAMU is great and can paint just check with your community first. You don't want to risk losing your whole deposit!


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