I’m fed up with being stuck inside. What are some good outdoor study spots near my FAMU apartment?

While it is important to stay socially distant and indoors during this trying pandemic, it is also important to get outside at least once a day. If you own a dog, your dog walk may be your favorite time of the day because you get a little sunshine. If you have been spending a little too much time indoors, though, you might be driving yourself stir crazy. But finals are here! It may seem like there's too much to study in too little time. Today, I'd like to tell you how you can fix both of these problems at the same time without straying too far away from your FAMU apartment.

San Luis Mission Park

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful capital city. Tallahassee is filled with beautiful greenery, flowers, and wildlife if you know where to look. If you are studying inside and start feeling a little antsy, I invite you to take a trip over to San Luis Mission Park. With a beautiful lake, dog park, and plenty of trails, San Luis is both a tourist destination and peaceful place to plop yourself down and get to learning. If you enjoy a bit of white noise to help stay focused, you can find a nice bench or table near the dog park to keep your head in the game. If you feel you get distracted easily and need a quiet spot, consider setting up shop at one of the tables or benches along the trails for a more serene study sesh.

Railroad Square Art Park

Another great option to study outdoors is Railroad Square Art Park. You may even find that your FAMU apartment is right next door. This park also offers options for introverts and extroverts alike. For a quieter time, consider grabbing a table and chair away from the shops. Though there is plenty of shade, you may find that, especially in the coming months, you prefer a sunnier spot to avoid getting too chilly. For those who like it a little noisier, you can find an abundance of clean and comfortable spots in the middle of all the shops. There are a few restaurants in the park as well, which offer outdoor seating coupled with good food and drink.

Railroad Square is known for their artists and vendors. The community gathers here for food, art, and music on the first Friday of every month at an event that is appropriately titled "First Friday." Because of the pandemic, this event can no longer be hosted on-site; however, this Friday, December 4th, you can attend the Virtual First Friday hosted by the same people!

Cascades Park

If you enjoy San Luis and Railroad Square but live a little more downtown, a walk down the block might show that you live just around the corner from Cascades Park. Personally, I enjoy a brisk jog in this park a few times a week, and I always see FAMU and FSU students alike enjoying the scenery and growing their knowledge. While lakes and benches are offered, there is plenty of space for you to lay out a blanket in the grass instead. Cascades is a more lively park than either of the above suggestions, so people who need a quiet environment may not thrive here. If you are worried about distractions but want a pleasant change of scenery, you can pop some earbuds in and play some classical tunes to cancel it out.

Whatever your studying preference is, you should find success at any of the above local spots. Cabin fever can creep up on anybody, especially if you have no roommates, so it is imperative that you stay a diligent student while getting some fresh air. Another idea is to take a breather and walk around Bragg Stadium; there's plenty of space to clear your head. Once your final exams are done, and if you are staying in Tallahassee for winter break, you may even want to consider visiting these parks for recreation!

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