Are there any one bedroom student-housing apartments?

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When you think student housing, you may relinquish thoughts of dormitory type of dwellings with shared bathrooms, cot-sized beds, boisterous roommates and unsanitary tiled floors. All of these criticisms not withstanding, there does exist modern student units, and Tallahassee student apartments are actually quite sensible.

Although you may come across older and less attractive student communities, off campus housing communities near FSU offer resort style living in an academic environment. Offering a variance of one to four-bedroom floor plans, many student-centered abodes have transformed the stereotypical student living headquarter.

There are plenty of FSU apartments that come in a one-bedroom option. Fortunately for you, many of these one-bedroom apartments are located in student housing areas.

Living alone can be beneficial for several reasons. First, you will be afforded the luxury of privacy. Living alone is well suited for those introverted and more intuitive personalities. Things will be left where you found it, and you really only have to worry about yourself. However, while attending college that can become problematic.

One bedroom units are usually more expensive than sharing your home with others. Just in the FSU district alone, one bedroom places can range from $600-$1,100 on rent alone. Not to mention, you will be solely responsible for electric, water, cable and more! Living alone can sometimes become overwhelming for those living on a student budget. However, with modern student-centered communities, you can still get the feel of living alone while enjoying a smaller rent fee.

Most apartments near FSU are catered to their students. Meaning, most units are three to four bedrooms. These shared housing units are actually quite personal. Many of these floor plans give their residents their own bedroom and bathroom. The only shared part of their unit is the common area, which is normally a living room, kitchen and laundry area. This is actually a great compromise for those who wish to enjoy the company of others from time to time while still being able to close their door and escape into quiet time. These type of student homes are much cheaper, ranging from $300-$600 each month.

If you are nervous as to who you may live with, do not worry. Many communities actually initiate roommate selection services for each of their residents in order to ensure a compatible living arrangement. Some selection services offer questionnaire forms to preference tests and even personality quizzes. If there is ever an event where you decide your living arrangement is not comfortable, you can always speak to your property manager to arrange for a new roommate.

So, how do you find one bedroom student housing properties or shared living spaces? Easy, just use out apartment located to help you discover the perfect home! Click on the "search now" icon to begin your search. On the left hand side of the site you will notice several option tabs to choose from. Click on the "student housing" tab. There, you will have the option to choose location, roommate matching or on and off campus. Next, select the number line titled "number of bedrooms" and move the line bars to select one bedroom. A list of compatible properties will appear on the page which match your search criteria. You can then compare each unit by price, amenities and so forth until you narrow your search down to one perfect home!

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