Can I find 1 bedroom apartments near student-housing?

Florida State University is arguably one of the most popular state colleges in Florida. Known for its competitive football team, academic curriculum, and surrounding college town, Tallahassee has widely become a student friendly town.

When moving to Tallahassee, you will first be surprised to see the amount of FSU apartments surrounding the college area of town. From student housing to four bedroom floor plans, the city of Tally does not seem to deprive their students of much.

Although many Florida State students prefer to live with a roommate throughout their college years, living alone can be advantageous for several reasons. While attending the university, you will find that living in the areas surrounding campus can limit your personal time. Living on your own can definitely help you catch up on some of that longing privacy you've been aching for. Secondly, living by oneself will help you be accountable only for your actions. This is great for those who prefer a well-organized, introverted atmosphere while continuing their studies.

When searching for FSU apartments, you will encounter many properties that are catered to student living. Meaning, there is a chance you will find that there are more 2,3 and 4-bedroom units than there are 1-bedroom availabilities. This is due to the high nature of students preferring to living together in order to be more cost effective. Although there are equally affordable one-bedroom units, splitting your rent with several other roommates can help cut down rental costs.

FSU apartments can run anywhere from $600-$1,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Additionally, one must not to forget to factor in cable and utility bills. Some students prefer the cheaper alternative of living with a roommate. Although this may sacrifice some of your complete personal space, many apartments near FSU have created units that have their own bedroom, bathroom and closets to themselves. The only shared space is the kitchen and living room. These types of dwellings can be quite spacious, more affordable and accommodating.

So now, the question lies at how you may go about finding just one bedroom or similar types of homes? Our apartment locator can help you discover the perfect home! To begin, just click on the "search now" icon. You will notice several search options on the left hand side of the site. You can then click on a "one bedroom" tab to confine your search to just one-bedrooms in the area. Feel free to click on each icon to learn more details about the properties that appear on the page.

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