Why does off campus housing select roommates?

One of the questions you will run into while searching for off campus housing near FSU, is whether to live in a community that provides roommates for you to live with. Having a roommate will surely enhance your collegiate experience and it is a great way to meet new faces around campus. However, you may want to consider how the process works and if they living community will select a compatible roommate to live with your for the next year! As daunting as this may sound, most communities will provide you with a questionnaire or ask as you for your input when it comes to matching you with a new live-in buddy. Each housing community will often have a different process for how they implement their roommate selection process. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask how they go about rendering this natural selection. The last thing you want is to be stuck with someone you cannot stand to live with. Most management staff are trained at helping select roommates and can even assist those who are discovering difficulties when living together. In the event that you must relocate due to unfortunate circumstance, the property staff will work with you.

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