Where are some good off campus regions to live?

FSU apartments come in a variety of styles to fit its wide range of student residents. Whether you decide to live off of campus or right on the campus border, the city of Tallahassee has many options for you to choose when looking for the perfect home.

There are several areas to consider when specifically looking for off campus housing near FSU.  If you want to stay within the student district of the city or within walking distance to class, you may want to consider staying in Southwest Tallahassee.

The Southwest district is the most popular off campus region to live in for students. The town is within a short walk or drive from campus and is surrounded by social surroundings and night life bliss. Many communities in this area are designed to support a student's needs. These accommodations can range from the convenience of shopping and dinning to twenty-four hour fitness and business centers, connected garages, and balcony views. Many newer properties even offer a more modern and urban feel, offering rental atop of coffee shops and breweries.

Are you looking to escape the chaotic collegiate atmosphere?  Some upper classman and alumni tend to gravitate to a more tranquil environment. Northeast Tallahassee is home to many families and graduates. FSU apartments in the Northeast district are fairly affordable. Homes are more upscale and can often be very spacious.  There are several parks nearby, great schools in the area and a hospital around the corner. Communities in this district are often shaded by old trees, outlined by brick lined sidewalks and many neighborhoods are inviting and laid back.

Downtown Tally is great for those who seek employment in the city. If you are hoping to be a little further from the University hangout, downtown has become an increasingly popular homeland for college kids. The urbanized yet Southern charmed district offers plenty of entertainment in forms of lounges and fine dinning. The area, however, is much more expensive than the student district.

Midtown is another district not too far from the university. FSU apartments in midtown still invoke downtown's small city feel while providing a student experience. This district has become a popular place for students to live while attending any of the three schools in the city.  Although many new families do inhabit this neighborhood, the residential community has become an entertainment filled community. There are many new bars and local hangouts in the area including one of kind boutiques and coffee shops.

Nearly everywhere you travel to in Capital City, know that you are just within minutes each district. Tallahassee is very small, allowing its residents to live just about anywhere with still being a short drive to the next neighborhood. Each district, however, offers different characteristics to appeal to nearly every individual in the city.

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