I am a student but do not want to live in student housing. Where can I live that is still near my school?

There are plenty of places you can call home without having to be stuck living in student housing. Depending on what school you will go to, will have a strong jurisdiction of what area you would like to stay in. However, if you are still undecided, a perfect place for you to look will be W. Tharpe Street and the Downtown area. Although these areas tend to be frequent of students, they are not considered student housing and are a short distance from each college campus. In these areas, you can find more upscale living, malls and restaurants. In addition, many student living areas have become so upscale that it does not seem as though you are confined to a student housing area. The best way to search for a new place near your campus is to use our apartment guide. First, select an area you wish to live. By doing this, a list of choices will appear underneath your search. You can begin filtering out what you do and do not like until you find the perfect Tallahassee apartment.

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